With superyachts being the perfect way to travel around the world, many owners and avid charterers are likely to spend their holidays in a wide variety of exotic locations. Although places like the Mediterranean, Southeast Asia and the Caribbean are undoubtedly beautiful, those travelling to the same spots year in, year out may start looking for a change – perhaps somewhere a little bit more remote, and perhaps even a bit more challenging.

The solution in these cases is to charter a superyacht to areas like the Falklands, Antarctica or the Arctic, where spectacular vistas and unique ecology are guaranteed. A new problem arises in this, however – your typical superyacht isn’t built to navigate these tough waters, so make sure to read on to learn how you can prepare a vessel for such a rewarding expedition.

Consider how to prepare a yacht for fierce weather

The first step is to consider where exactly you want to go – are you interested in visiting the chilly Arctic areas north of Norway, or are you more interested in visiting Antarctica (particularly if it’s the last continent to cross off on your bucket list). The time of year also determines any alterations that need to be made to an existing superyacht. Or, if you’re planning on chartering, it will determine what kind of yacht you need to look for on a digital platform like Ahoy Club.

Where you want to go and when will then determine any safety and functional changes that these colder, rugged climates demand. Invariably, more equipment will be required for these trips which may in turn require that equipment be removed from the yacht so as to not cause weight issues. As an example of this, a need for increased travel range will require additional fuel – fuel reserves have the potential to be quite bulky, so replacing things from a tender bay for new fuel bladders may be a necessity. With all these extra additions, it will also be necessary redraw the vessel’s waterline.

A few other things to consider

With your yacht ready, you might be anxious to head out onto open waters. Unfortunately, you’re not quite there yet. Yacht modifications aside, there is a great deal more prep to consider before you make your big trek. In addition to finding a captain that is (very) familiar with cruising through ice, it is highly recommended to take on extra crew. Having more crew members than you need can help in the event an emergency situation arises, which is always a possibility in an environment where extreme weather conditions are the norm.

Your crew being vigilant is also important, as conditions rapidly change in places like Antarctica – having crew on 24-hour watch may be necessary in case an enormous piece of floating ice makes your vessel its next target (and it’s happened before). Aside from manpower, ensure that you order Antarctic fuel if you plan on travelling to the Antarctic zone two to four months in advance and organise 20 to 30 percent more than you plan on using.

Experience these rare sights for yourself

With a little bit of preparation and knowledge, an expedition to extreme climates is more than manageable. Just keep in mind to select only highly experienced people when searching for crew, and that any provisions you need while out at sea will cost you far, far more than they otherwise would at home. Plus, obviously don’t forget that you’ll be in a very cold climate – make sure to pack thermal everything so you won’t have to shiver yourself to sleep every night!

Why A Luxury Yacht Charter is The Only Way to Go

You will know VIP status once you step onboard a luxury chartered yacht. It’s a feeling that is difficult to put into words, and an experience that is a must for those are in need of the ultimate spoiling. The ultimate luxury, privacy, and freedom await those who choose to take advantage of the exclusivity of a luxury yacht charter. Perfectly tailored to your need and requests, your luxury chartered yacht is yours and yours alone, with your own personal crew to ensure that your every need is fulfilled, and your expectations surpassed. Feel free to indulge in the luxury and freedom that you now own, making the best use of the incredible accommodations, breathtaking scenery, endless onboard and water activities, as well as gourmet cuisines and unmatched dining experiences. All this and more is just the tip of the luxury yacht charter experience.

The comfort, elegance, and prestige that you will receive in your luxury charter yacht experience is something that is unrivaled in even the most upmarket hotels and boutiques. From private movie theaters and personal spas and treatments, the 24-hour, on-hand services accompanying your luxury vacation are a service that comes standard, and no need is too small. Your professional crew is on-hand to tend to your every need, while understanding that your vacation is your personal time, acting in a manner that is most professional at all times. This is an experience that you can have nowhere else in the world.

The abundance of modern technologies available nowadays means that although you are leaving the land, you do not have to be out of touch with the rest of the world. Modern electronics and satellites have allowed you to stay up to date and keep your finger on the pulse with the “outside” world, so you never have to miss a thing. Email and internet come standard onboard and are enjoyed from the luxurious and spectacular views of your new blue superhighway.

luxury yacht advice

Apart from the onboard luxuries, services, and amenities offered, your private luxury yacht charter is going to take you across the splendors of the blue ocean, hopping from island to island, and really showcasing the beauty that is our natural world. Snorkeling, boating, water sports, jet skiing, and other activities are great ways to get closer to the splendor of your natural surroundings, taking full advantage of all that is on offer to you. With water toys to suit the needs of anyone on board, the world beneath the waves is accessible to anyone, and a wealth of adventure that cannot be missed. Mini-submarines are just one of the latest additions of luxury yacht charter toys, creating an ever more unforgettable luxury yacht charter experience. 

There is nothing that can compare to a luxury yacht charter experience. Not the most luxurious hotel or state-of-the-art cruise liner can offer you what a luxury yacht charter experience can. The endless activities and 24-hour pampering, while traveling to the most beautiful places on earth, is an experience that simply cannot be replicated anywhere else.

Travelling through Europe doesn’t get much better than rail. As this continent is pretty compact and incredibly well connected, a rail holiday will allow you to experience loads in a short space of time.

Trains run all around Europe, passing some of the most spectacular sights and scenic routes. Not only is this form of travel very convenient, but it is also an exciting way of getting around. Rail travel allows you to really soak up the environment that you are travelling through while sitting back and relaxing.

If you are interested in some amazing European rail routes (such as the ones found here https://www.tailormaderail.com/), then be sure to check out the exciting choices below.

Italian Lakes and the Amalfi Coast

A summer holiday in Europe could hardly get better than this! This route allows you to experience two of the most magnificent regions in Italy – the great lakes and the iconic Amalfi Coast.

The route will take you via Dijon towards Lake Maggiore. From here you will travel down Italy towards the sparkling Amalfi Coast. Stops along the way include Stresa, Positano, and Innsbruck.

Those wanting to experience the best of Italy on a summer rail holiday will absolutely love this route.

Magical Journeys of Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful European destinations – especially if you experience it via train! While there are a number of great routes around this country, you can take a single journey that combines three of the absolute best. These are Glacier Express, Bernina Express, and Jungfrau Mountain Railway.

This route is best enjoyed in winter, as you will pass some incredible snowy scenery. This also means that you get to experience Switzerland’s famous snowy peaks! Along the way, you will get to cross the famous Landwasser viaduct, and visit Jungfraujoch – Europe’s highest train station.

If you love mountain landscapes, snow, and extensive natural beauty, then this route comes highly recommended.

The French Riviera

A rail holiday along the Cote d’Azur is one of the most glamorous ways of enjoying Europe in summer. This route will take you along the stunning French Riviera, stopping at Nice and Cannes along the way. Both of these are a must when visiting the gorgeous region!

This stretch of coastline covers some of the most beautiful French towns, beaches, ports, and attractions. You will get to experience yachts, luxury shopping, markets, art galleries, world-class restaurants and so much more along this classic route.

Croatian Coastline

Croatia is one of Europe’s absolute gems when it comes to summer holiday destinations. The Croatian coastline stretches past some of the most incredible beaches, islands, and port towns imaginable.

The rail route along this country’s coast passes the amazing city of Split. From here, you can make a stopover at Hvar – one of the most popular island destinations in Croatia. The route will then continue south to Slovenia, where you can make a stop at the inspiring city of Ljubljana.

Anyone wanting to experience one of the most beautiful portions of Eastern Europe should definitely consider this journey.

Rhine and Moselle Valleys by Rail

Exploring Germany’s most scenic valleys is best done by train. This route takes you through the gorgeous Rhine and Moselle valleys, passing plenty of iconic sights along the way.

You will get to stop at beautiful Trier, Boppard, and Rudesheim while you travel along the banks of the Rhine river. This route is great for those wanting to experience historic cobbled towns, green valleys, and castles along the way. Germany is a wonderful country, and this route shows off some of its absolute best sights. 

Amsterdam, Luxembourg and Brussels

One of the great advantages of travelling around Europe is how easy it is to move between different countries and cities. This amazing rail route will take you between some of the most iconic European capitals – Amsterdam, Luxembourg and Brussels.

Besides experiencing the amazing culture and history that these cities have to offer, you will get to pass some truly wonderful landscapes along the way. This popular rail route could be limited to the three main cities, or it could be customised to suit your personal preference. This route is best done starting from and returning back to London.

Venice and Vienna

The Semmering Pass rail route connects two spectacular destinations via one of the most scenic stretches through the Alps. Travelling along here combines some of the best sights of Europe, including stops at Turin and Cologne.

Venice is always a favourite destination – with its one of a kind canal network and historic landmarks. The route continues to stunning Vienna, one of the most gorgeous cities in Europe. All along the way, you can enjoy some exciting mountain scenery from the train.


When it comes to rail travel, it’s not all just about the destination. The time spent travelling between places is what makes these trips extra special. Taking a train journey through Norway is definitely one of the best ways of experiencing the Scandinavian countryside.

Exploring Norway via rail will involve taking the route from Bergen to Oslo. Along the way, you will get to pass pretty villages, fjords, and incredible views of Norway’s unspoiled natural beauty. This is a country that you want to appreciate as you pass through it, which is what makes train travel such a good idea here.

Cinque Terre Discovery

The Cinque Terre is an absolute gem of Italy. These five little towns are found along the country’s Ligurian coastline and are best experienced via train. A popular route will take you from London to the Cinque Terre, passing some truly spectacular places along the way.

This route will pass through Freiburg, Rapallo, and Turin. Along this voyage, you will cruise through the Rhine Gorge and the Gotthard Pass too. While the colourful Cinque Terre towns are the highlight of this journey, the scenery and stops along the way are what makes this a truly exciting rail route.

This route is a brilliant choice for those wanting a well-rounded European experience. You will get to see the Italian Riviera, pass through some amazing German destinations, and be exposed to a wide range of scenery on the way.

Final Thoughts

There are all kinds of different ways that you can get around Europe, but rail has got to be one of the best. This well-connected continent has a vast range of sights and landscapes to discover. Travelling through them on a train offers amazing perspectives and opportunities for you to really enjoy the area.

Instead of just jumping between destinations, rail travel allows you to make the most of the journey. This is something that can be experienced on each of these exciting routes. So pack your bags, pick a route, and get out there. Europe has so much to offer, and these train routes allow you to experience some truly inspiring places.

Honeymoons offer couples an opportunity to relax, kick up their chemistry, and create romantic memories together. In fact, couples often view honeymoon as a welcome break from the hectic wedding preparations and ceremonies. After getting married, selecting the best honeymoon destination is probably the next most stressful endeavour for most couples.

Planning your first romantic getaway? Finding the perfect destination to embark upon a romantic sojourn with your beloved can be tough. Luckily, this post offers you recommendations on the most breathtaking and romantic locations in the world. Take your pick!

Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg is the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, making it a music aficionado’s paradise and a haven for couples. The baroque-style architecture, the meandering Alpine roads, the lush meadows, and the live Waltz performances make this city the perfect honeymoon destination.

Austria honeymoon Ideas

If you love music, take the Sound of Music guided tour and visit Mozart’s home, the quintessential tourist attraction in Salzburg. The picturesque Austrian towns of Zell am See and Old Town along with the stunning view of the Bavarian mountains will convince you to extend your honeymoon in Salzburg. What’s more? If you desire to visit the capital city of Vienna, a train journey will take you through the most scenic Austrian countryside.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Craving a laid-back island vacation with your much loved? Say aloha to Honolulu! This capital city of Hawaii has garnered a reputation as one of the most romantic destinations in the world. The stunning white-sand beaches namely the Queen’s beach, Eternity beach, Kuhio beach, Sans Souci beach, and Kaimana beach are ideal for unwinding and sharing a few romantic moments with your other half.

Honeymoon destinations 2019

If you love to shop, the city offers outstanding high-end souvenir shops along the Waikiki, the largest and busiest beach in Honolulu. Walk through these flea markets to get the most authentic flavour of the Hawaiian Islands and buy a special gift for your beloved.

Positano, Italy

If you think Italy is only about Rome, Florence, and Venice, think again! This charming coastal village in Southern Italy (Amalfi coast) is a hidden gem for those looking for privacy.

This impossibly-stunning coast of Italy needs to be taken in slowly as it offers an amorous old-world charm that cannot be explored in a few days. To experience the laid-back vibe of the village, hire a private boat with a skipper or take a ferry to Capri, a magical island off the Sorrentine Peninsula.

Positano honeymoons

What’s more? French Polynesian archipelago has nearly 100 untouched islands with bright lagoons and tranquil beaches. The local guided tours will help you experience the true beauty of these islands and enjoy the local food. For a romantic experience with your other half, rent a yacht that starts in the early evening hours and goes deeper into the ocean, allowing you and your darling to experience the most awesome sunset together.

Budapest, Hungary

The Hungarian capital, Budapest sits on the river Danube and is an ideal location for couples looking to take it easy. The city has plenty of museums and historical monuments that help tourists know about and appreciate its rich culture and history. The hills of Buda along the Danube riverfront offer the perfect setup for long romantic walks.

Budapest honeymoon reviews

Budapest is a food lover’s haven! It has restaurants that serve the classic Egri Bikavér (Bull’s Blood Red Wine) and authentic Hungarian cuisine, namely the Goulash, the Fisherman’s soup, and the Hungarian Lecsó, among others. If you want to spent time away from the hustle and bustle of the city, book your accommodation in the Buda side of the city. This part of the city is quieter and closer to nature in comparison to Pest, making it perfect for honeymooners.

Dubai, The United Arab Emirates

Dubai has a lot to offer to newly-weds looking for the perfect mix of scenic beaches, luxury, adventure, shopping, and hospitality. This luxury hub of the UAE boast of its sprawling lavish resorts, royal Arabesque architecture, the world’s finest shopping, and the best desert escapes.

Nothing can be as romantic as stargazing while camping in the infinite stretch of the deserts and dunes in this city. No wonder, desert camping is one of the most recommended activities for honeymooners visiting the emirate.

Dubai honeymoon ideas 2019

Dubai is a great place for jewellery shopping. As you wander through the luxurious shopping malls and gold souks you will find jewelers displaying a plethora of stunning gold bangles, earrings, rings, and other trinkets. So, go ahead and surprise your beloved with fine jewelry.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali has an easy-going tropical vibe, making it perfect for couples looking to spend a quiet time admiring the pristine seascape. The sandy beaches and coral reefs, exploratory national parks and volcanic mountains, and the iconic paddy fields make Bali a perfect location for a romantic getaway.

If you and your spouse love water, visit the secluded Menjangan Island which is considered to be the diver’s paradise. Go snorkelling or deep-sea diving and explore the underwater natural treasures. For those who enjoy a great party, Bali has a rocking nightlife. Chill out with your much loved while listening to jazz or rock music until the wee hours.

Where to go on honeymoon 2019

Another romantic site to visit in Bali is Mount Batur, an active volcano 1700 meters above sea level. As you hike through this mountainous terrain, you will marvel at the large Crater Lake, the hot springs, and the panoramic views. End your day with a rejuvenating couple spa at the most luxurious and renowned spas on the island.


Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town continues to enthral tourists with its impeccable views and secluded beaches. This city is home to two oceans and is a perfect backdrop for all your honeymoon photographs.

Very few exotic destinations in the world can help you immortalise your honeymoon like Cape Town. This spectacular city brings together scenic beaches, sweeping landscapes, nature reserves, wildlife, wine estates, and the best markets and restaurants. So, journey together to the southern-most tip of South Africa to enjoy the perfect blend of luxury, adventure, local culture, and food.

Honeymoon ideas 2019

All set to plan your dream romantic getaway? We are sure the top honeymoon destinations mentioned in this post have helped you reach a decision. So go ahead and plan your romantic time together!

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When you want to get away from it all for a little while and enjoy a sunny couple of weeks’ rest, Capri is often the destination which springs to mind.

Nestled in the stunning Bay of Naples, it’s known around the world for its rugged landscape and stunning variety of luxury shopping and accommodation. 5-star hotels are seemingly on every corner, whilst there is no shortage of fun to be had in the luxury malls and boutiques.

The only issue you’ll have will be deciding what you want to do first, which is where we come in…

Explore the beauty of the Blue Grotto

It’s known across the island as the premier natural attraction, and is certainly something you cannot afford to miss. As you enter the dark cavern you’ll see the sea take on a blue glow as the sunlight passes through an underwater cave. A truly awe-inspiring sight if ever there were one.

A Cocktail in the Piazzetta

The town square is just the kind of lively hub of excitement that you hope it would be, and this makes it the perfect place to head to in the evening. Sitting back and sipping on a freshly made cocktail as the sun goes down is an experience you simply cannot miss.

All you need to do now is decide which bar you want to try first, and you’ll be well on your way to an evening you’ll never forget.

Piazzetta naples

Climb Mount Solaro and take in the view

If you love to stretch your legs, then this one is for you. In fact, if you’d rather stay seated then this one is for you too as there’s a chair lift that’s open to everyone. Ideal if you want to take in the view without breaking sweat.

As you reach the top you’ll get to admire the expanse of the Bay of Naples as it rolls out in front of you. Perfect for taking photos that you’ll keep with you for a lifetime.

See the sights of the coast

If you decide to hire a yacht charter Capri will have more than enough sights to keep you busy. Exploring the coast is a great way to discover what gives the island its unique character, and it’s sure to give you plenty of opportunities to snap some amazing photos. Ideal for showing your friends and family what you got up to whilst you were away.

capri yacht charter

A Drink at the Lighthouse

Sitting back and enjoying the sunset by the coast is one of the things that Capri allows you to do better than any other tourist destination. Just pick the right spot for you and your partner, sit back, and admire the view.

Lighthouse in Capris

An Evening at the Taverna

No trip to Capri would be complete without an evening of food and music, so why not head on over to the Taverna when you’re done with your yacht charter? Capri is the home of fresh homemade cooking, so there’s no place better to tuck into something tasty as you look back on the events of the day.

Besides one of the most picturesque locations of Mykonos, Kanalia is also an excellent location for windsurfers, with the Meltemi winds giving the sea on the western coasts inviting waves for them to demonstrate their skills. Villas in MykonosJust a stone’s throw away from some of the most popular beaches on the island, like Ornos, and with several exclusive holiday properties well protected from the winds due to the carefully thought-through design of their outdoor spaces, Kanalia can satisfy those looking to maintain their luxury lifestyle and also taste the authentic Mykonos experience. Three of the most beautiful villas in Mykonos with stupefying views and all modern facilities and comforts at Kanalia are:Villa Reina (up to 6 guests – 3 bedrooms)An elegant, 180m2 house with distinguishing whitewashed walls and stone details adorning its exteriors, along with elements borrowed from traditional Cycladic architecture and rustic notes that add old-world charm and impeccable style to the property. Mykonos villasBuilt over two levels it offers guests stupendous panoramas of the Aegean Sea and plenty of amenities to enjoy their stay, like a fully equipped kitchen, spacious bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, two guest rooms, a swimming pool with loungers and a shaded seating/dining area right next to it, glass doors for unobstructed views, and plenty of little nooks where one can luxuriate in a fine meal or simply have some privacy.best villa in mykonosVilla Tutku (up to 10 guests – 5 bedrooms)The views from this ravishing villa are fantastic. Overlooking the dotted-with-quaint-villages western coast of the island and a portion of the Aegean that turns into a real spectacle at night, when the twinkling lights of fishermen’s boats and swanky yachts make it look like a masterpiece of Van Gogh, the luxurious 140m2 property can comfortably accommodate a family of 10 members or a small group of friends with superior splendour. villa tutku kanalia mykonosBesides the delightful details that give the place a true Mykonian flair, Villa Tutku has been meticulously designed to infuse a sense of serenity and reinvigoration to those living in it, with extreme attention to every detail, from the colour scheme to the furnishings.   tutku kanalia mykonosAmong others, the dreamy holiday house features four spacious bedrooms (3 of which come with en-suite bathrooms), an extra guest house, a fully equipped kitchen, a nice-sized swimming pool, and more than enough dining and lounging areas that allow guests to enjoy their privacy, a hearty meal, a delicious breakfast with the company of stupendous seascapes from every inch of the property. And, if you feel like partying and exploring the night scene Mykonos is so famous for, Ornos Bay is less than 2km away! mykonosVilla Emily (up to 14 guests – 7 bedrooms)Elegance, style, chicness, and grandeur characterise Villa Emily. The exclusive 620m2 property with the beautiful brick details and marble floors offers scenic vistas of both Mykonos Town and the crystal waters of the Aegean Sea.mykonos villaDesigned as two housing units to ensure the privacy and comfort for all 14 guests, it features an outdoor swimming pool with an arresting “light show” that comes to life at night and luxurious sunbeds, a designated BBQ area, lots of dining nooks, a traditional wood oven, pergolas, two guest rooms lacking no modern facilities and comforts (with private entrances), a fully equipped kitchen, and many more. Take your glass of champagne, choose the plush seating area of your likes, and let your soul be filled with colours, smells, and views only a few will ever see in a lifetime!villas to rent in mykonos

Are you looking for a different kind of vacation? One that you might want to try is to go on a boating holiday. This is perfect if you want to take it slow and savour every moment. If you are thinking of where to head, keep on reading and consider the following destinations.

Alaska Cruise

With rugged mountains and a huge part left unspoilt, Alaska is one of the most unique destinations if you want to go on a cruise. One of the most popular routes is known as Inside Passage, which will pass through the infamous Hubbard Glacier. There are also cruise tours, allowing you to go inland and explore the rich wilderness of Alaska. Because of the weather, however, availability of cruises in Alaska is a bit limited. It is available only from the end of April through the start of October.

Alaska cruises

Canal Boating in UK

UK’s waterways are popular for canal boating. One of the most popular routes to take is Avon Ring, which has a length of 109 miles. Other popular destinations include Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal, Llangollen Canal, and South Pennine Ring. From the canals of London to the moors of Bath, canal boating is going to offer a distinct experience that will make your holidays memorable. If you are planning a canal boat adventure, then try Black Prince for more information.

Canal boat hire in UK

Yacht Break in France

When in France, one of the best ways to explore the beauty of the country is through getting on board a yacht. The French Riviera is one of the most popular destinations for yachting enthusiasts. Do not just ride any yacht. To make it more memorable, make sure to charter luxury yachts, complete with butler service. This is perfect for romantic getaways or for vacations with the whole family. While aboard the yacht, you can expect to be treated like a royalty

Yacht hire in France

Sailing in Croatia

With enchanting cities, warm seas, and beautiful landscape, Croatia is one of the best choices for anyone who is interested in going sailing. During sailing trips in Croatia, expect that you will have a slow-paced travel. You will feel relaxed as you take in the view of the surroundings. You can also go sunbathing on the top of your boat or enjoy socialisation with other people who are also sailing. It will go through several destinations, such as Split, which is the starting point for most people who are going sailing. Other places that can be visited include Dubrovnik, Korcula, and Hvar, among others.

Sailing in Croatia

Junk Boat in Vietnam

Forget about huge and luxury cruise ships. When you are in Vietnam, the best way to explore the sea is to ride their traditional junk boats. They look antiquated, but they are fully-functional, and more importantly, safe. The most popular destination to enjoy this would be Halong Bay, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a place dotted with towering limestone formations. The boats will stop in the middle of the sea where you can swim, snorkel, or go kayaking.  If you would like to go on a cruise though Vietnam then have a look at Cruise Sale Finder.

Junk boats in Vietnam

Our amazing three weeks in New Zealand were nearing at an end, starting all the way down south in Queenstown, travelling through mountains, around glaciers, through the wine country and even mystical movie sets too. Finally reaching our last two destinations on the epic #GoByCamper road trip with Maui Motohomes.


While Coromandel may appear relatively close to Auckland on the map its a very different story driving there. Famed for its impressive coastline and pretty villages, its a haven for those that want to get away from the urban life of New Zealand’s biggest city. Our journey from the Hobbiton movie set near Matamata took some 4 hours, winding along the coastline with trees hugging the rocky shore. Its a slow but very rewarding drive up the Coromandel peninsular to Coromandel town a very cute little place popular with independent travellers. There’s two Top 10 holiday parks here, one in the centre of town and another just a few kilometres away in a wonderfully secluded setting. We headed for the seclusion and a chance to relax and enjoy the coastline for a couple of nights.

Relaxing in Coromandel

Our road trip has taken its toll on energy levels, with constant travelling and sight seeing. Still very enthused to see it all but sometimes you don’t have to exert lots of energy to enjoy your surroundings. The holiday park is situated next to a small bay called Shelley Beach. Presumably named as its formed from millions, if not billions of shells washed up by the tiny lapping waves. The shallow bay stretches out some way too and you can easily walk 1km when the tide is out.

So many shells!

With so many shells to browse our 18 month old daughter delighted in collecting her favourite ones and seeing how far she could throw them. It’s a beautiful spot with just one road for access and very few cars passing by. The holiday park was quiet and basic which suited us perfectly. No need to worry about noise or distractions, sometimes travel is about staying still and just enjoying where you are. A calming feeling that helps you unwind and reflect on an awesome road trip too. We even had plenty of space to kick a football around with our daughter. It was a little slice of perfection.

Coromandel town holiday park


The serenity of Coromandel was just what we needed before hitting the urban landscape of New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland. A place I’ve only flown through once and never visited so I was keen to make the most of our time here and our relaxing nights had recharged our batteries ready to explore! First we had a challenge set and a certificate to receive! Much like Sydney in Australia, Auckland has its very own “iconic” bridge. Of course this being New Zealand, land of outdoor activities and crazy thrill rides you not only can climb the Auckland bridge but also bungee jump off of it. Meeting at their office at the Westhaven end of the bridge, our group received some quick training with the safety gear then its off to the bridge nearby to walk its gantries and climb service ladders up to the archway in the centre.

Auckland bridge climb review

All the while traffic rushes past adding a real sense of dizzying action happening all around us. They offer two packages here, the basic bridge climb or the climb and a bungee jump from the centre of the bridge dropping you down to the water below. Sadly we chickened out of the bungee jump but the bridge climb was no less thrilling with great views of the Aukland skyline you wont get anywhere else. The group of tourists we climbed with were a friendly and excited bunch, half of which did the bungee jump too with some impressive photos to take away at the end of it. For more info check out bungy.co.nz/auckland-bridge/auckland-bridge-climb.

Auckland marina

Our Top 10 holiday park was situated around 35 minutes out of Auckland, while not the most convenient location for exploring Auckland it was a haven of tranquility way from the hustle and bustle. The view from our campervan was fantastic with the shallow sand dunes and long Orewa beach just a short walk away, it was a wonderful place to return to after a busy day of sightseeing.

Orewa beach Auckland

Auckland is a very walkable city with a fairly small central district filled with great places to eat and drink. The marina area was definitely one my highlights, pleasant to stroll around and check out the many hundreds of yachts moored here. There’s a great atmosphere here in the summer months thanks to the open-air bars and restaurants and even a maritime museum worth checking out, you really cant miss it with the hull of an Americas Cup yacht towering over it.

Auckland walking tour

War Memorial Museum

If museums are your thing then there’s no better place to visit in Auckland than the impressive War Memorial Museum located at Auckland domain. This lush green park has plenty of free parking even for our big Maui Motorhome and the museum sits proud on top of the dormant volcano hill with its greek columns inviting you to take a closer look. The museum opened in 1929 and has some very interesting exhibits on both world wars as well as some fantastic artefacts from the country’s rich history.

War Memorial Museum

There’s plenty to learn here about Maori culture and early European settlers too. For us the greatest exhibition was found at the back of the museum celebrating 75 years of Air New Zealand. A sponsored exhibit showcasing the history of the airline, its beginnings, its royal encounters, its uniforms from each decade and a chance to experience a virtual reality version of what we could all be flying in within the next 50 years.

75 years of Air New Zealand

The real highlight for us was a chance to go in the cockpit of a Boeing 737 built in the mid 1990s, complete with all its buttons, knobs, switches, control sticks and pilots hats too! Being avid travellers this kind of exhibition was perfect for us, celebrating a shared love of travel and exploring the world in these magnificent flying machines.

Air New Zealand Exhibition review

The end of our road trip

Its been a truly incredible 3 weeks on the road with our Maui Motorhome visiting some of the very best places to go in New Zealand. Its hard to accept that our amazing road trip has come to an end. Travelling over-land has always been a passion of ours and with a campervan we got to make the most of our time in both Australia and New Zealand. I always envisaged it would be a great way to travel as a family and judging by our toddler’s cheers and smiles along the way its definitely a winner with her too. The freedom to stop whenever we wanted, have the most scenic of lunches and take our time to enjoy the journey as much as the destination. The vans are so well equipped it felt very homely and on numerous occasions was the envy of other holidaymakers. I wouldn’t hesitate in taking another campervan holiday with my family, one of the most rewarding ways to travel!

Maui Motorhome review

A big thank you to Maui Motorhomes for making all of this possible and to Britz Campervans in Australia for their support. You can follow Maui and Britz on twitter and be sure to like their Facebook page for the latest deals and info. Keep an eye on the #GoByCamper hashtag for plenty more photos from people loving the campervan lifestyle!

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No matter if you love traveling with bag packs, or stay at a luxurious hotel – the amazing island of Bali can offer every type of traveler whatever he or she needs! And we are not exaggerating! Bali is really an incredible place to stay at, no matter your budget or lifestyle because here you can experience absolutely everything that your heart wants!

To prove that to you, today the team behind Travel Ticker and I are going to present you five most amazing hotels in Bali you won’t want to check out! All these hotels are not only an incredible place to spend your night at, but also will gift you one of a kind experience as well! So, without any further ado – here they are!

Mara River Safari Lodge

The word “safari” in this hotel’s name can help you get the idea what you can expect if you decide to visit this hotel. And if you understand this word as a place where you can absorb the wild animals from Africa – you understood it right! And yes – you can do that all in this fantastic hotel in Bali as you were in Africa as well!

Safari in Bali

You can check out zebras and elephants walking around while you are swimming in a huge pool. Or you can dine in a beautiful restaurant and see how real living lions live through the glass wall! In this amazing hotel, you can feel like being in Africa for sure, and this is definitely one of the best places to stay at no matter if you wish to have your holiday with children, or just want to spend a romantic getaway with your significant other.

Villa Pererepan (or Villa Awang Awang)

This hotel is a dream come true for all travelers who seek romance. Really – what could be more romantic than the illuminated fireflies dancing around in the jungle while you are totally alone together with your loved one?

Best hotels in Bali 2016

Villa Pererepan is located Petani river valley, surrounded by gardens and jungle, and is just ideal for those who dream about the magnificent natural surroundings and peacefulness all day long. Of course, it should be remembered that this hotel is in the jungle so mosquitoes and a variety of bugs here might be a bit of a problem, but I believe that amazing view and extraordinary feeling that you and your beloved one are the only people in the world will deal with all mosquitoes pretty quickly.

Villa Bambu Idah

If you ever wondered what it is like to live like a local Balinese person, but not totally want to sacrifice the modern world perks, then Villa Bambu Idah is the one! Wooden houses, which you can reach with wooden ladders, a natural swimming pool, and a rope over it, which you can use to make Tarzan’s leap – everything can be used to describe what it is like to stay at Bambu Idah.

Best hotel views in Bali

Moreover, in the evenings, you can enjoy a wonderful cocktail while admiring the magnificent mountains and immense rice fields views making you feel very relaxed and in love with Bali.

Desa Atas Awan Hotel

For travelers who love nature more than anything, Desa Atas Awan hotel can also be worth considering as a perfect place to stay while being in Bali. Large land seeking windows that overlook the fabulous human untouched panoramas and the ability to admire the spectacular valleys and mountain scenery will take your breath away for sure. Moreover, if you are an eco-friendly traveler, this hotel is also worth visiting!

Best hotels in Bali this year

Every single thing you will find in this hotel is made from reusable materials, so it is not only breathtaking to stay here but also it helps the environment as well!

The Dragoon 130 Yacht

And finally, for a really one of a kind experience in Bali, you can also book your stay at… yacht! Created from extremely high-quality materials, this hotel afloat in the middle of the sea. But that doesn’t mean that it should be somehow worse, than an ordinary hotel on hand. In fact, here every traveler will find everything he needs for a luxurious vacation: from a fantastic sound system, high-quality ebony skin and eco-friendly interior details everyone will find luxurious and one of a kind.

Party boats in Bali

The yacht has six apartments, which can accommodate more than 12 people, so it can be quite a perfect place to have your private family holiday for sure. Although, staying here, as you might get the idea, can be quite pricey. But only one night in this beautiful yacht will be the experience as is!

Our epic road trip on the east coast of Australia continues as we #GoByCamper all the way from Sydney to Cairns with a fantastic partner Britz Campervans. We’re travelling in a 6 berth campervan that feels very at home on the long and winding roads of the Pacific Highway. After the beautiful views of Port Stephens and the amazing Koalas of Port Macquarie it was on to our next two destinations. Coffs Harbour and the famous Byron Bay. Two destinations we were very interested to visit for very different reasons.

Coffs Harbour

We’ve made it some 540km from Sydney to this bustling little coastal city in New South Wales. Home to 46,000 humans and a fair number of whales and dolphins too. But this town is probably most famous for something else (more on that later!) First we drove to the north of Coffs Harbour and parked our van at the wonderfully serene setting of the Emerald Beach BIG4 Holiday Park. Entering over a bridge and winding through the trees to our powered site, our intrepid toddler started exploring and soon made new friends with our neighbours, a friendly Australian couple and their two kids with an impressive caravan and clearly more adept at this type of travel than we are. The greatest thing about a Britz Campervan has to be the convenience of it all. Plug her in to the mains, top her up with water and she’s ready for dinner, for bed, for breakfast and just about everything else too! No mess and no fuss! We even drew a crowd at mealtimes in the form of local wildlife. A curious Kookaburra who came and perched next to us while we had dinner outside our camper van, and a Water Dragon lizard with amazing scales popping over to grab a few of our daughter’s leftovers too.

Kookaburra close up

This holiday park is also just 30 seconds from some truly stunning coastline. The beach stretches on in to the distance for miles and is known locally as Rainbow beach thanks to the thousands of multi-coloured pebbles you’l find embedded in the sand. Our daughter delighted in picking them up and inspecting each one. Walks along a beach in any country are always therapeutic I find.


We headed on in to town to check out the Harbour and to find out a little more about this city. One interesting thing we discovered is that it was named by mistake! Its real name should be Korff’s Harbour named by John Korff, a shipbuilder from England who took refuge during a storm and decided to call the area after himself (very modest). In 1861 the town’s name was registered by surveyors but misspelled as Coff’s Harbour and the name has stuck every since.

Coff's Harbour

There’s a pretty walk along the wall of the harbour where you can browse the many yachts and fishing boats waiting patiently for their owners. The man made wall does a fairly decent job of breaking the waves but occasionally the odd spray of sea-water can be seen flying over on to the path, so be warned you may get a surprise! There’s some wonderful restaurants at the harbour too selling the freshest of fish among other things. We checked out a place called Attitude Burgers that did an unusual battered fish burger! Very tasty, very big and very Australian!

Places to eat in Coffs Harbour

Of course the most famous landmark of all at Coff’s Harbour isn’t the harbour at all but a big thing! The first big thing in fact! If this makes no sense to you then don’t worry, for Australia is the land of big things! In 1964 a local banana plantation owner decided to market his produce by erecting a giant concrete banana. The idea of building big things caught on and 50 years later Australia is now home to over 150 of these giants. Everything from sheep to wellington boots, Ants and even a big Ned Kelly. But this big banana is the first and now a children’s fun park and activity centre as well. We couldn’t resist in taking a visit and walking right through the big banana. We love big things and have seen a few on our sites, no doubt we’ll see some more too!


Byron Bay

Next on our #GoByCamper tour of Australia was a place we’ve been excited about visiting for a long time. One of the surfing hotspots of the Australian coast and a town quite unlike any other in this vast antipodean country. While most towns and cities have progressed and modernised, there’s a distinctly hippy feeling about Byron Bay. Its birth was a strange one, a rather disgusting industrial coastline with slaughter houses, rendering factories and whaling stations. Not the kind of place you’d put high on your bucket list. But with the advent of surfing in the 1960s and the decline of local industries, it was slowly transformed in to a peaceful seaside town until in 1973 a nearby festival called “Aquarius” put Byron Bay firmly on the map as a the centre of Australian hippy culture with a bohemian feel and youthful perspective that has endured every since.

Byron Bay photography

You can’t help but feel relaxed here. Life slows down, you walk a little easier, your productivity levels plummet, but the good times are all around you. From the beautiful sunsets that bring the crowds to the beach, to the endless surfers you’ll see all along the shore. To the cafes that spill out on to the streets and the busy beach hotel bar with its live music and views of the Pacific Ocean. Its a town that sucks you in and is very hard to leave. Thankfully we scheduled in a couple of extra days here to get in to the Byron Bay vibe. I arrived full of energy and a busy mindset of cramming in as much as we possibly could, but that’s not how Byron Bay works. There’s plenty to do here but if you fill your days with sightseeing you’ll miss the real treat of this wonderful town. To just relax and be content for a while.

Surfing photo Byron Bay

The Lighthouse up at Cape Byron is well worth a visit. We decided to drive up with our toddler but there is a great walk you can do from town if you’re feeling fit enough. The views from the lighthouse are of course, stunning, if a little windy! Cape Byron is actually the Eastern most point on the Australian mainland so if you like ticking those kinds of boxes I highly recommend a visit. You may even spot some local marine life if you’re lucky enough. There’s parking right at the top if you do drive up and costs $8, we even managed to fit our huge Britz Campervan up there so don’t be put off by yours! We’ve had no problems parking our beast at places like this.

Byron Bay lighthouse

We had the pleasure of catching up with some good friends in Byron Bay too. Coming down from Gold Coast to spend an evening  with us. It was so good to see them after over 3 years apart, catching up on the gossip and checking out one of Byron’s lesser known restaurants. Wonderful food, great company and the perfect setting after a fun day in a pretty little town. Its easy to find bliss here.

Byron Bay

Byron Bay is definitely our kind of town. From the youthful energy all around, to the laid back vibe and cute bohemian shops you find on every street. We could have stayed here forever and I have no doubt we will return again some day, hopefully for longer, but this road trip waits for no man! We must head on to our next destination of Brisbane where we say goodbye to this camper van and to New South Wales as well, with a big hello to Queensland! A week’s break seeing old fiends before we hop in another camper van and continue our amazing #GoByCamper journey!

Check out our progress video

While in Byron we made a quick video reflecting on our travels so far, the highlights and the surprises along the way. Check it out below.

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