7 Reasons Why Dharamshala Is The Best Place To Join Yoga Classes

Yoga in IndiaDharamshala is an inspiring place to visit for many. If you are in search of your own inner peace and are perhaps looking for some purpose in life, Dharamshala is a wonderful place to come.

There are many yoga classes you can take part in too. They are great for many reasons. Make sure to see all the wonderful sites that the area has to offer and then enjoy yoga practices that will exceed your expectations.

Many people will come to do their yoga teacher training in Dharamshala because it’s such a unique experience. Here are some great reasons you should do some yoga classes while you’re in Dharamshala.

1. The Surroundings

This city is nestled into the Himalayans which means you’ll always want to be outside here. That changes our physiology and makes us clearer in many ways. The fresh mountain air feels good for the soul and the green, lush cedar trees add to the soul sense of this place. When we are overwhelmed by the beauty of the nature that surrounds us, we appreciate everything more. This includes yoga. It might be that you’re more aware of the beauty around you which means you’ll have heightened awareness in your yoga class too. Your yoga practice will improve in subtle ways from just being in Dharamsala.

2. Yoga for Everyone

There are so many incredible options for doing yoga here in Dharamsala. As this place of deep spiritual meaning attracts so many people, there was a need for yoga schools here. Yoga teacher training in Dharamsala is highly regarded on a worldwide scale. It’s because the teachings for yoga are so good here. It doesn’t matter how much or little you’ve done yoga, you will find a class that matches your needs and wants. There are workshops and classes going on all the time that include all the various disciplines you know and love. The nice thing about yoga classes in India is you’ll be going much deeper into the practice, improving it.

Yoga for everyone

3. The Wonderful People

Going to a yoga class in Dharamsala will allow you to meet interesting people from all over the world. If you’ve come to this deeply spiritual city, you’ve already got a foundation of common interests. People that deeply care about yoga and meditation are often working towards being their best and most compassionate self. You will meet many caring and open-hearted people here. You will probably meet people that change your thoughts on something. Maybe even a problem you’ve been having a hard time facing. Life offers us up the messages we need at the right time. When you take in a yoga class in Dharamsala, you’re going to meet some great people. The conversation you spark will likely go off the mat and into a coffee shop. Who knows, you might even be invited on a trek or travel India with a new soulmate.

4. Deepening Your Practice

When you do yoga in Dharamsala, you’re going to have access to high caliber instructors. They will likely be from India and have practiced since childhood. If they’re not from India, they will have been trained here. There is so much more to yoga than we know in the West. There is a whole life that backs up the practice. It is deep and ancient but just as important as the poses you will do. There is a lot of spirituality and other means of body care that we haven’t been subject to. We are missing out on something special. When you got to a yoga class in Dharamsala, you will be deepening your knowledge and your practice.

Yoga training

5. You’ll Finally Understand Corpse Pose

You’re in a deeply spiritual place when visiting Dharamsala. This is the home of the Dalai Lama and many Tibetan Buddhists. You will be introduced into how to meditate, probably more than you ever have at a yoga class in the West. There is a great emphasis on meditation being a part of yoga here. So when your class is finally over and you’re asked to lie in Savasana, it won’t be this place of disturbance in your mind. You’ll allow your body to sink into the ground, breathe in a quieter way, and just let all the thoughts go in the mind. Doing more meditation practice will change your yoga practice too. You’ll become more conscious about what you’re doing in any given pose.

6. Lessons You Can Learn

In the West, we have suffered very little. When you come to Dharamsala, you’ll see that there has been much suffering historically. Take the Dalai Lama for example. He had to run away from his home country and was never allowed back. Still, he loves everything and everybody. He devotes his life to spreading the word of love and compassion. This will often be touched upon in a yoga class you go here. You will begin to understand that everything really is an inside job. Your happiness and bliss are within you. This is part of the yogic teachings in India.

7. Yoga at its Source

India is where yoga came from and it’s really something to take a class here. You are so close to the sources of the practice. The yoga practice you learned in your home town has probably been watered down somewhat so you don’t get all the lessons and the benefits. The classes will likely be intense but this is where you grow beyond yourself.

Joining a yoga class in Dharamsala is a fun thing to do. You’ll get a glimpse into what yoga is like here which will differ from your country’s methods. You may learn something new in the poses or in the philosophy. You can take this knowledge home and enjoy the deeper practice.