7 Gorgeous Vacations Outside of the Western World

The Eastern world has a lot to offer. Your experiences in the East will be like no other, leaving marks that will forever be etched in your heart. The list is endless from the great food to beautiful beaches to the incredible preserved culture and people, your trip to the Eastern world will be one hell of an experience if not the best. Tour East Holidays  is the best way to unwind and experience the Eastern world.

The most impressive top destinations in the East are below:

1. Bhutan

Visit the land of the thunder Dragon. It is said that Bhutan is at the top of the world. If you fancy being elevated above ground on the renown Himalayan slopes, visit Bhutan for the best vacation. Being the last standing Buddhist kingdom, filled with monasteries and mystery Bhutan will have you taking trips centuries back into the people’s culture. The scenery is unmatched and you will get to visit dzongs (fortresses) tucked in within the terrains. This culture rich region will leave you speechless in amazement.

2. China

China is quite popular: rather known for its business side, the state has a lot in store for tourists.  The name alone sparks the need for an enriching vacation. With major sites that have existed for thousands of years, and the culture rich people in the rural and urban areas, China is quite the place to visit.

3. Cambodia

If Cambodia is not already in your bucket list, you should add it on today and plan your next visit. Get lost in the heavenly realm of Angkor Wat then settle down into the hells of Tuol Sleng Prison. The history of Cambodia will trigger emotions and spark up both inspiring and depressing feelings.

4. Hong Kong

Tour through the high life in Hong Kong and experience the scenery in Asia closest to New York. Hong kong will have you shop till you drop, try out the best cuisines, experience high end world class accommodation. Behind the whole glass and steel facade lies intense culture and traditions powered by Chinese roots that is worth exploring.

5. Japan

Japan is a mix of modern skyscrapers, fast trains, high technology, historical temples and landmarks with a dash of deeply rooted culture. Japan has the oldest and most popular monuments and historical sites in the world. Book one of the many awesome Japan tours and you will never forget the experiences.

6. India

A journey through India will leave you simply rejuvenated; the incredible presentation of humanity with the diverse cultures, languages, religion and outbursts of energy is without a doubt unmatched. You will literally get lost in this part of Asia full of billions of people.

7. United Arab Emirates

Dubai, UAE  was listed as the ideal tourist destination due to the great investment in bucket list fun filled activities. Take a desert safari on a hot air balloon, shop at the great Dubai mall, take a trip to Atlantis water park, fly down the XDubai zipline and visit the miracle gardens.