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7 best islands in the Philippines

The Philippines, a country made of thousands of islands is the closest thing to piece of paradise on earth. Each of those islands offers rich biodiversity both in land and underwater, and are all made of mountain ranges, tropical forests, and pristine beaches. 

The country is known for having the longest white sand coastlines in the world. The islands of Boracay, Cebu, and Palawan are the top beach getaway destinations. Apart from the jaw-dropping beaches, you can also enjoy amazing activities, get to taste and incredible cuisine and explore cultural heritage sites.

El Nido, Palawan- a gateway to wild adventure

El Nido Island tops the list because of its powder-fine beaches and gin-clear waters. It is indeed no surprise to see it among the most popular tourist spots in the country. Known for its extraordinary natural splendor, Palawan is referred to as Philippines’ last frontier. 

Palawan often bags the spot for the best island in the world, and El Nido is the crown jewel of this province. The island has the largest marine sanctuaries and they are all teeming with life. Explore the waters to look at thousand different kinds of fish and marine mammals such as dolphins and sea cows. 

Palaui Island – A natural secret of Cagayan Valley

It is a must to make a trip to the isolated island of Palaui. It is hard for the beach lovers to keep away from the glorious white sands surrounded by volcanic rocks and the blue-green waters. Locals and the tourists alike come there for water sports such as snorkeling and diving. 

Here, You and enjoy all this in a laid-back lifestyle of the small town with its beautiful coastline. What makes Palaui Island so interesting are its rough scenic terrain, the concealed waterfalls, and the white sandy beaches.

Boracay Island – Like a jewel in the crown of Philippines

Located in Aklan, Boracay Island dazzles its visitors from the first second. Travelers get attracted to the island because of the cleanliness and serenity of the surroundings. The island is just ideal for both beach bums and adventurers.

Explore the secluded strips of sand, coves, caves, and cliffs and at night, join the lively nightlife on the beaches. Hundreds of kite-boarders and windsurfers arrive there every year to ride the rough waves and strong winds. Boracay is indeed a magnet for the water sports fanatics.

Palawan Island – holiday in paradise

The archipelago of Palawan is made of nearly 2,000 islands. While El Nido is the most famous, there are so much more you can explore there. There are hundreds of smaller islands, secret lagoons, and caves there. 

Water sports enthusiasts can enjoy snorkeling, kayaking, and trekking in Palawan that boasts of the longest underground rivers in the world. The subterranean cave system with karsts and natural rock limestone formation in Puerto Princesa is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Caramoan islands- for endless adventure

Caramoan islands and islets are the most scenic. Some of you might remember this place from the American show Survivor, which has made the island quite a tourist magnet.

Those long stretches of white sand run between huge rock formations and boulders. There are waterfalls, freshwater pools and underground streams that complement the beaches. Mountain climbers can hike to Mount Caglago’s summit to enjoy a terrific view of the sunset and Caramoan islands.

Cebu – beautiful beaches and sunsets

What makes Cebu one of the most famous islands of the Philippines is the fusion of island life and historical sites. Visitors can enjoy all the beach activities and water sports as well as the annual street festival called Sinulog.

Swim with the whale sharks or laze around on the beaches. The island’s prime attractions a spectacular diving experience along with the white-sand beaches. Cebu City isn’t just about historic landmarks, as it’s also full of wonderful restaurants and lively bars.

Great Santa Cruz Island- With pink-hued beaches

What makes the beaches of Great Santa Cruz Island pink-hued is the pulverized red coral mixed with the white sand. The powdery beach looks like a version of perfection and contrasts beautifully with the blue and green shades of the sea.
Well known as the famous pink sand beach of Zamboanga, Great Santa Cruz Island is now declared as environment protected area.

The island is like an atoll with its islands covered with swampland and mangrove forests. Sadly, it is currently too dangerous to visit, but hopefully someday soon tourists could enjoy one of the most beautiful and special locations in the country.