7 Amazing Things you can do for free in Normandy

The attractions of Normandy are spread throughout the country, so we suggest you to spend a couple of days in one or two towns or take a few weeks, rent a car and enjoy your life. Setting up a Western land front was essential for the allies, and in a few short hours, and in the face of defeat, it was achieved by the huge and courageous attempts of Canadian, American, and British forces joined by smaller regiments of Polish, Danish, and Free French soldiers.  France has a track record when it comes to traveling on the expensive side, but we break that barrier. In Normandy, there are tons of things that need little to no money to see and discover. Here are top beach sights that you will see in Normandy:

Visit free museums and monuments:

On certain days of the week, many museums and attractions are free to enter. Château Saint-Germain-de-Livet, Normandy’s most remarkable castle is located near the city of Lisieux and offers a free private guided tour on the first Sunday of each month.  The Museum of Fine Arts exhibits works by influential artists such as Claude Monet, Eugène Boudin and Gustave Courbet, while the Museum of Normandy introduces the history of the region and culture through archaeological and ethnological collections.

Attend one of Normandy’s free summer festivals:

Now if you are having Paris to Normandy day tours, do plan a trip to Normandy in one of their free cultural events for added low-cost fun. For indie music fans, don’t skip Hello Birds, a three-day music festival in July. Located next to Étretat’s cliffs, these event overlays live performances, DJ sets and food trucks combined with the generally relaxed vibes of the beautiful adjacent nature.

Visit D Day Beaches:

Visitors can visit the approximately 50-mile stretch of beach and pop through a number of museums, memorials and graveyards distributed along the sand. Take a trip to museums and cemeteries that will give you a better understanding of the Battle of Normandy and how it helped end the Second World War. There are many D Day beaches like Juno Beach, Utah Beach, Bayeux etc. Many recent travelers suggest a tour guide to explore the beaches. 

Peruse the weekly outdoor markets:

To enjoy a busy French market, you don’t have to buy something: the sights, sounds and smells are enough entertainment. If you go hungry, normally there are shops selling prepared foods that make a cheap but high-quality lunch. You can enjoy quality food from there.

Visit the Mont Saint-Michel:

No entry fee is expected for one of the most popular sites in France. Instead of being a tourist spot, the Mont Saint-Michel is a village, and tourists are free to mingle their cobbled streets and small shops without obligation.   Moreover, if viewed from a distance in the surrounding bay, the monument is probably the most impressive.

Saunter spectacular French gardens for free in Normandy:

The area is home to a host of breathtaking gardens, most of which cost nothing at all to visit, thanks to Normandy’s differing climate zones. Do check out the Rouelles Park at Le Havre’s UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Placed on an old farm site, this park considers its 160 hectares of land covered by forests, meadows and streams. The land is amazing. The house is well-preserved and attractive. Be conscious that data resources are not available anywhere. There’s no hint of why you’re searching at what you’re looking at.

Apart from that, Normandy has four national natural parks. It provides nearly every possible topography, from rolling hills to green fields and rugged coastline. With well-marked footpaths and a range of styles of skill to choose from, strap up your shoes and go on enjoying the stunning scenery.