6 Smart Tips For Traveling Abroad With Kids

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The experienced traveler knows what to bring, how to time their ticket buying, and what to do when there. All of that gets thrown out of the window when you’ve got kids. When you have kids, the whole landscape of the trip changes. Now you have to entertain them. We all know that traveling with children can be difficult sometimes, but there are some smart tips to get them to be cool, compliant, and all-around much nicer to travel with. Here are the 6 top tips for traveling abroad with kids.

Take Care Of Airport Transport

Before anything, make sure you plan out the trip going to and from the airport. This means finding out where to leave your car. There are a bunch of local options to choose from, you just have to plan far enough ahead. For instance, if you’re out of Atlanta, ATL airport parking is as easy as scheduling the right time slot. Also, when it comes to a place like Atlanta, or any spot that’s hot in the summer, go For covered parking. You won’t be sorry.

Traveling back and forth from the airport is already a bit of a drag. You’re loopy from the long flight and you’ve had to deal with wrangling up the kids just to get some semblance of order. Now add a smoldering hot car-oven to that, and you’ve got yourself a seriously dampened mood. The simple pleasure of a safe, covered, and secure parking lot makes all the difference.

Don’t Overpack

When you’re packing, don’t overdo it. Yes, there’s a tendency to pack every single item that can possibly be used by you or your kid. But you’ve got to remember that half of traveling is lugging around large pieces of luggage—hence the name. Only pack what you need.

You need to be able to manage the load of the bags, the kids, and still find a way to have your passports and valuable on hand just in case you need them. Plus, how many times have you traveled, only to realize that you used only a fraction of what you packed anyway? You can eliminate this by making sure the essentials are loaded and not much else.

Don’t Mind The Other Passengers

It’s important not to mind other passengers. They may be uncomfortable or annoyed with the fact that you’ve got kids, but that’s not your problem. You spent the money, you have the seats, and that’s that. Of course, being courteous and polite to people who may come to you with concerns is best. Just tell them that you’re working it out with your kids and you’re doing your best.

Don’t let the frustrations of fellow passengers affect how you treat your kids. They’ll remember it in the future. You can calmly try to get your kids to behave. Have them mirror your energy. If all else fails, bribery always works. Just don’t let other people’s sneers and looks get the better of you. They do not matter.

Toys And Candy

There’s always an ace up a parents sleeve when it comes to kids. And when it comes to travel, it’s a new toy and some candy. Even if you don’t normally let your kid eat too much candy, now is the time to bring it out. They’ll get the sugar rush for a bit, sure. But if you’ve got a new toy to pair with it, all that energy will go to the new plaything! It’s like magic. You won’t know what to do with all the scream-free time you bought yourself with just some chocolate and a plaything. Better yet, you can plan in advance when to dole out these treats. The most obvious time would be while waiting at the check-in counter. Everyone is bored. I bet you’re bored. How much more for the kids? Plan of action? Secret candy.

Smartphones To The Rescue!

Just like the toys, if you usually control the amount of screen time your kids get, this is the time to cut that rule. Bring out the iPads and smartphones. This is where they shine the brightest. Load it full of their favorite shows and games and let the screen do its magic. This can only sustain for about an hour or two before the boredom sets in again, so try and ride out the flight for about a third of the way through unless it’s really starting to get bad.

Jet Lag Strategies

Once you land, you’ll have to battle a bit of jet lag. If you’re flying out of the U.S.A. It’s well documented that jet lag is worse on the way back. But if you keep your kids awake until their regular bedtime in either leg of the trip, you can get ahead of the grumpiness and have them asleep in their normal patterns a lot faster.

And there you have it! The best tips one can give. Be sure to remember them on your next trip to make sure you won’t experience any hassle. Happy traveling!