6 Reasons You Should Visit The Isle Of Wight

If you’re planning a UK based holiday this year, the Isle of Wight should definitely be on your shortlist! It’s known for its beautiful sandy beaches and seafront promenades, as well as for the dinosaur remains and fossils that can be found in areas like Compton Bay and Yaverland Beach. A holiday on the Isle of Wight ticks off everything that you need for the perfect getaway.

Historic Towns And Villages

The town of Newport is located on the North side of the Isle of Wight, and is home to two elegant squares and an array of Victorian and Georgian town houses.

The town has the perfect blend of historical interest and modernity. The town is populated with exclusive small shops and coffee shops and cafes so it’s perfect for a day of shopping, and there is also plenty of evening entertainment with three theatres and a cinema along with a host of pubs and restaurants.  The colonnaded Guildhall was built in 1816, and it’s clock tower was added in 1887 to commemorate Queen Victoria’s golden jubilee. There is also a third century Roman villa on the outskirts of the town.

Luxury Accommodation

If you fancy a change of pace from a hotel or a B&B, you could book your stay on the Isle of Wight at the Whitecliff Bay Holiday Park.

The park offers self-catering accommodation in luxury lodges, with some even having the option of a hot tub! There’s also an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, as well as a bar which offers beautiful views of the bay.

Gorgeous Beaches

The North East coast at Ryde is home to miles of sandy beaches. Check out the pier with its traditional amusements, cafes and small harbour. There’s even a children’s play park right on the beach! Head there with your family to relax for the whole day, and take a lunch break in one of the many cafes.

Adventure Parks And Zoos

If you’re looking for a family friendly day out then check out the primate rescue centre, Monkey Haven, near Newport. It’s home to gibbons, macaques, capuchins, marmosets, tamarins and squirrel monkeys, as well as a host of owls and other birds.

Steam Railway

The Isle of Wight Steam Railway’s locomotives and carriages have all been painstakingly restored to pristine condition and are the hallmark of this delightful railway. The oldest locomotive was built in 1876 and carriages date back to 1864!

Relax in one of the beautiful carriages and watch the countryside go by or just hop on and off to explore the towns along the train line. Keep your eyes peeled for a deer or a red squirrel scurrying away as the train passes through ancient woodland, and if you’re lucky you might even spot a kestrel looking for its prey.


Carisbrooke Castle just outside Newport was built over 800 years ago, and was once used as a royal prison for Charles I. You can take in the buildings, relax in the garden or even dress up as a soldier, experiment with armour and discover how to fire cannons.

Or if you prefer, you could check out Queen Victoria’s family home at Osborne House which is still stunning to this day.