6 Great Things to Do During Your Jiuzhaigou Tour

Have you ever heard about heaven on earth? Maybe they were talking about Jiuzhaigou. Located in the mountainous region of Sichuan Province, China, Jiuzhaigou Valley is a popular UNESCO world Heritage Site with charming natural scenery of colorful lakes, majestic waterfalls, red maple leaves and spectacular forest. Here are 6 awesome things you could do during your Jiuzhaigou tour.

Enjoy the Magic Water

There is a saying that “one enjoys no better water sceneries after visiting Jiuzhaigou”. If you have ever come to Jiuzhaigou, you would be shocked by the 114 lakes and pools and 5 waterfalls.

The water in Jiuzhaigou is so clean that you can stand by the bank of a lake seeing fished swimming around. Sometimes the water is crystal, sometimes it’s blue and sometimes it changes to green, which is a magic scenery in the world.

One of the most famous lakes in Jiuzhaigou Valley is named Panda Lake because giant pandas in Jiuzhaigou used to coming here to drink and look for food. Another lake that you should not miss is Long Lake, the largest lake in Jiuzhaigou. Long Lake is in dark blue and looks like a large piece of jewel lied among the snow mountains.

Pearl Beach Waterfall is one of the most representative attractions in Jiuzhaigou. Being different from other lakes, it has a soft sandy beach with a bridge over it. The water run under the bridge and cause banked waves. These little water drops of waves were called pearl by the local people.

Appreciate Red Maple Leaves

The best scenery in Jiuzhaigou occurs in every autumn when the maple leaves turn to red, the water remain blue and peaks of mountains start to blanch constituting a contrasting picture. You can just use your mobile phone to shoot beautiful photos.

The best time to visit Jiuzhaigou for the red leaves is from late September to early November. The leaves slowly turn to red from green and yellow and golden, and finally it might be purple. Different colors mix together making the autumn lively and energetic.

However, from October to November, it is always difficult to book tickets and accommodations because the beautiful scenery attracts numerous people to come to Jiuzhaigou. It is suggested to book your trip to Jiuzhaigou in advance if you plan to visit this fairy land during these months.

Hike in Jiuzhaigou

If you want to fully immerse in Jiuzhaigou, you could try to trek there. You can buy a tour-bus ticket at the entrance, take the tour bus up to the virgin forest, and use one day to walk back so that it wouldn’t be too tired but you can still enjoy the sceneries.

From Virgin Forest, you can go with the signs to Swan Lake and then Grass Lake. Then, you can take the tour-bus from Grass Lake to Giant Panda Lake, walk from which to Pearl Beach Waterfall, and then Mirror Lake. Taking tour-bus to Nuorilang Restaurant for your lunch is the last thing you should do in the morning.

In the afternoon, you can stick to this routine: Nuorilang – (bus) – Five Color Lake – (bus) – Valentine beach – (walk) – Tiger lake – (walk) – Shuzheng Waterfall  – (walk) –  Shuzheng Lakes – (bus) – Sparkling Lake – (walk) – Reed Lake(walk) – Bonsail Shoals.

The gallery roads along the attractions are well-built, so don’t worry about the traffic. What you need is a pair of comfortable boot and a ventilate coat. And it may take you 1 day to finish this routine.

Have a Lakeside Picnic

There is only one restaurant in the Jiuzhaigou Park, which is called Nuorilang Restaurant inside Nuorilang Tourism Service Center. You can buy some food there, which is mainly Chinese food, or you can take some food with you before you leave the accommodation in the morning.

You can sit and lie down near the lakes, and enjoy your snacks with your friends. Eating with this beautiful view benefits your mood and your feelings. After finishing your picnic, please remember to clear your trashes before you go.

Visit Local Tibetan Village

Jiuzhaigou is named for 9 Tibetan villages which are located near the Shuzheng Valley, selling small products, souvenirs, snacks and handicrafts. Accept for Shuzheng, Heye, and Zechawa village, there is also Rexi in the smaller Zaru Valley and behind Heye village are Jianpan, Panya and Yana villages. Guodu and Hejiao villages are no longer populated.

You can feel the Tibetan culture in these villages, and know more about their lifestyle and attitude towards the world, which is totally and widely different from fast-paced modern life.

Watch ‘The Mystery of Tibet’Show

The most grandiose and famous dance and music concert in Jiuzhaigou is The Mystery of Tibet. There are 1000 seats for tourists. Some popular traditional ethnic Chinese artists like Rongzhongerjia and Yang Liping have performed here.

This concert shows the spirit of Tibetan people, tells a moving story, delivers a kind of belief, and provides a good channel for people to know more about Tibet and Jiuzhaigou Valley.

The show time of The Mystery of Tibet is from 7 pm to 8 pm every night, which is not too long to hold your other plans back.

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