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5 Top Spots to Party in Budapest

It would be considered a crime to visit another country and not experience the nightlife the same way that the locals do. Europe in general offers a great partying scene all round, and Budapest is no exception. So, if you’re planning an European adventure, be sure to pack your dancing shoes, because here is a guide to the best places to get your boogie on in Budapest!


Best nightlife in BudapestIf you’ve booked any upcoming weekend breaks in Budapest, A38 should be top of your hit list in terms of where to go for a good time. Not your average nightclub, A38 is actually built on a Ukrainian ship that was constructed in 1938 (hence the name). It is a hot spot for international music acts including the likes of the talented Tokyo artist DJ Krush. For those who aren’t a fan of hip-hop or electronic music, A38 also regularly puts on concerts covering a range of genres including jazz, rock and pop. Create your own experience with a choice of three different levels for partying, each with its own very distinctive vibe. The top level serves as a relaxed rooftop bar, the middle as a sophisticated (and frankly quite delicious) restaurant, and the third is a lively club/lounge bar, meaning you can literally spend your whole evening there. The wine/beer list is lovely and features a great selection of local brews alongside some great international pours.


where to eat in BudapestSet in one of the up-and-coming areas of Budapest, Minyon’s deliciously dark décor lends itself to an upmarket and sophisticated adult playground. During the day, it’s a cool café serving snacks, coffee, cakes and sweet treats. At night, it changes form and provides entertainment from dusk till dawn courtesy of its group of talented house DJs; hungry bellies can refill thanks to the built-in bistro that serves a range of delectable Hungarian fusion treats. Be sure to try a “Kiwi Palace” or a “Jade Garden” from the extensive cocktail menu — with over 100 different drinks, it is rumored to be one of the best cocktail lists in all of Budapest! Attracting a diverse crowd from businessmen to students, it’s a great place for both partying and people watching.

Szimpla Kert

where to go in BudapestSzimpla Kert was one of the pioneers of the 21st century “ruin pub” movement that is the backbone of Budapest nightlife. In short, ruin pubs are hipster-esque, retro joints that are established in abandoned or decaying buildings, and decked out with furniture and fittings that wouldn’t be out of place in your grandma’s house. Szimpla Kert is one of the originals and a favorite among both tourists and locals. It’s charming, quirky and charismatic — and very Hungarian. Keep a look out for the table that has been made from a car! In short, put Szimpla Kert on your list as a “must-see” spot, but you’re advised not to book any early morning sightseeing excursions for the following day!

Fogas Ház

best clubs in budapestConsidered one of the best bars in Budapest, Fogas Ház is a really sweet spot to party. Alongside playing the latest in house music from around the world, it also sports the best name for a bar ever, literally translating to “House of Teeth.” The name itself was inspired by a century-old sign that was found during renovations in 2010, which read “Dental Repair.” As well as playing all of the hottest international tunes, it also offers a fantastic cocktail menu, a great selection of beers and a tasty pizza menu. Best of all, a night out at Fogas Ház won’t bankrupt you! 

ChaChaCha Cabrio

With an atmosphere as cool as its name, the ChaChaCha Cabrio is an open-air summer venue founded by the people behind the legendary Chachacha Underground Café. Based on Margaret Island, it’s open from April through December, and it’s a hot spot for dance music fans of all ages and backgrounds who come here to rave until the wee hours of the morning. ChaChaCha Cabrio boasts two different dance floors and an incredible portfolio of resident DJs, including Tom Taylor, Candyman Da Marquis and Adamo, who play the very best in electronica all night long.