5 Things to Try When You Can’t Sleep in a Hotel

While staying away from home can be exciting, it can also bring with it a set of challenges that you must be ready to hit head on. Many people find that they can sleep quite well in a hotel room.

Stress seems to melt away when the pressures of home are nowhere to be found. On the other hand, there are some who find it quite difficult to fall asleep when staying in a hotel.

How to sleep better in hotels

It is always important to get your sleep, but even more so when you are traveling. Follow this advice to sleep better when you are staying in a hotel.

Make It Feel Like Home

Do your best to book a hotel room that resembles your own bedroom back home. Look for the same size bed and set it up just like you would at home, with the same pillow position if possible.

Pick a hotel that is known for its comfortable mattresses. This will help you sleep much better as your body will feel good as soon as you lie down each evening.

Keep the Noise Down

There are some strategies involved in booking a hotel room that is a bit on the quiet side. You want to request a room that is away from the elevators.

It is also recommended that you book a high floor if possible. Look at the floor plan and stay away from any electrical closets or housekeeping work areas. These will all add to the noise, so the further away you are the better.

Keep it Cool

The body tends to sleep better when it is a bit cool in the room. You will want to check right away to make sure that the air conditioner in your room is functioning properly.

Make sure that you turn it down to the temperature that you are used to sleeping in. This will help your body to adjust more quickly.

It often takes a hotel room a bit of time to cool down if it has been off all day, so get it started well ahead of when you plan to retire for the evening.

Keep the Lights Off

Go through your room and make sure that the lights are off and that there are no cracks in the curtain that are likely to disturb your sleep. You will get much better rest if you are in the dark.

A recommendation is to travel with a clothespin so you can fold curtains together to keep the light out.

Keep Technology at Bay

Technology is a wonderful addition to modern life, but it has no place in the bed. You may want to continue playing the highly anticipated Gladiator slots game while laying in bed, but it can affect your sleep.

Power your devices down at least 30 minutes prior to laying in bed and focus on the sleep that is to come. This in turn will relax your mind. The fewer thoughts cluttering your mind at night the better.

If you will do these five things, you will likely find that you can sleep much better in a hotel room. The key is to create an environment that you are comfortable with right from the beginning.

This will help your body to feel more comfortable, and that will, in turn, help you drift off to sleep. You might just find that you can sleep just as well as you do at home if you plan properly.