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5 reasons to visit Grenada

Grenada might not be the best-known of the Caribbean islands, probably because it only spans around 132 square miles, but it offers a world of delights for visitors. Consisting of Grenada itself and six smaller islands which surround it, this is a there is lots to explore. The island is not yet geared towards tourists as much as other islands in the region, so you can experience authentic local culture without having to fight through crowds of tourists. So forget the trendy Caribbean islands filled with holidaymakers, and explore the many beauties of this small island – here are 5 top reasons to visit Grenada.

Some of the world’s best beaches

Grenada has a staggering selection of sandy stretches for such a small island, with over 40 public beaches to choose from! There are both white and black sand beaches dotted around the island and, unlike most Caribbean hotspots, you won’t find them to be unbearably crowded.


Grand Anse beach is regularly listed among the best in the world; a 2 mile stretch of gorgeous white sand which has to be seen. The more secluded Morne Rouge Beach, south of Grand Anse, is also a popular choice for those looking to achieve ultimate relaxation.

World famous food and drink

Often known as the Spice Island, Grenada is one of the world’s largest exporters of spices and a visit to the island is not complete without exploring the many aromas of the popular spice markets. The island is also well known for its chocolate, and you can see how it is made by visiting The Grenada Chocolate Company in St George for a tour of their factory. You should also take some time to visit one of the Rum distilleries, such as the home of Clarke’s Court Rum, and learn about the history and manufacturing process of the national drink. You will get lots of opportunities to taste it during your visit!

You’ll immediately feel at home

Not only is English the main language spoken on the island, but there is a huge expat community and almost 10{bec4beb4183ddc16376e6eff89836f2abe3407e857522bf84005ba0ad48d654d} of the population is made up of international students from St George’s University. The language might be the same, but the way of life could not be more different from Britain; the slow relaxing pace is worlds away without any of the complications of unknown languages.

Amazing sights

Above anything else, Grenada just looks beautiful. Its combination of golden beaches, blue water and green mountain terrain makes it a perfect picture. It only gets better once you delve deeper into the surroundings too. Sights you can’t afford to miss include the stunning Seven Sisters Waterfall (part of the expansive Grand Etang National Park) and the incredible underwater sculptures in St George. There is a breath-taking site around almost every corner in this island of natural beauty.

Underwater Sculptures in Grenada

Party atmosphere

The day-to-day pace of life might be very slow in Grenada, but they also know how to party! The national calendar is packed with cultural festivals which offer an incredible opportunity to experience the amazing culture of the island first-hand.

St George Grenada

The Spice Mas Festival is the biggest event of the year, prompting sees celebrations of food, music, and artistic performances throughout August. Celebrations draw from the islands rich heritage of French, British, African and Caribbean roots. Many smaller festivals during the year pay tribute to different aspects of the culture, including the Carriacou Carnival and the Grenada Drum Festival.