5 Best Cities for Food Tourism

Modern tourists travel around the world not only to see the best sights. Another important aspect is the local cuisine. Every country has amazing recipes. That is why many people visit other places to search for new dishes and unusual flavor mixes. Almost every country has something special when it comes to recipes. So, here are the five best cities for food tourism that you should visit.


Rome, Italy

This city is perfect for a fan of Italian food. It is best if you start from the historic center. All famous cafes and restaurants are located here. Most tourists visit Rome for the perfect minestrone, ravioli, gelato, and risotto. Italian spaghetti is the best globally, so you should order this delicacy with Parmesan cheese.

Here’s another interesting fact for you. Italy is the birthplace of pizza. Here you can taste classic recipes that have been followed for hundreds of years. The main feature of Italian pizza is that the chefs use a lot of cheese and tomato paste. Thanks to this, the dough is very tender. This is why you need to visit Rome to enjoy the local delicacies.


Paris, France

Paris is the cradle of modern cuisine. The best chefs in the world are the French. That is why you should visit Paris and taste the best national dishes. But be prepared that it will take you at least three days to enjoy all the delicacies. If you are a student, then you should consider a paper order option. Then nothing will stop you from seeing the Louvre, Champs Elysees, and other attractions.

The first dish you should try is “Coq au vin.” It is a meat dish with wine sauce with an unusual taste thanks to a special spice combination. Bouillabaisse is the second point on your culinary map. This fish dish with tomatoes is so tender that every piece will melt in your mouth. And don’t forget to visit local coffee shops and order a croissant. A cup of cappuccino will be the best addition to this dish. The French are justly proud of their pastries, as they know all the secrets of making puff pastry.


New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Now let’s move to New Orleans. Waldorf salad is the first thing to taste. This unusual dish is made of apples, raisins, walnuts, and celery. Did you know that this dish contains mayonnaise? Just try this. You should also buy the deep-dish pizza. This dish has nothing to do with Italian delicacies, as it looks more like a pie. Several layers of stuffing and a massive crust is a pantry for a huge amount of calories. Even one piece is enough so that you do not feel hunger for half a day.

Lime pie is a local dessert worth tasting. Delicate porous structure and condensed milk are a great combination. You should try this. Plus, New Orleans is famous in the culinary world for its sheer number of ice cream varieties. Local cafes offer options with chocolate, fruit, liquor, and even bacon. It will be an interesting gastronomic experience for you.


Kyoto, Japan

Japan is an amazing country. Millions of tourists come here in spring to see the cherry blossoms and ancient settlements’ architectural features. But local cuisine is another good reason to visit Japan. Start with Kyoto. This city is known for the best sushi and sashimi in the country. Local chefs know how to cook rice and all the ingredients better than anyone else in the world. Besides, you should taste real wasabi. It is not a powder diluted with water but crushed plants. But don’t eat too much, as the spicy aftertaste can burn your taste buds.

Ramen is your next destination in Kyoto. These are noodles with meat or fish broth. The main plus is that you can personally choose the ingredients in the restaurant. For example, you may be offered rice or buckwheat noodles and a set of vegetables. This is delicious. By the way, you should try Tempura. It is the name for seafood and vegetables in batter that have been deep-fried. Sometimes the Japanese even add the bamboo pulp to such a dish. You will be surprised by the unusual delicate taste.


Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico is a must-see country for meat, dishes, and hot sauces fans. Visit the best restaurants or cafes in Mexico City to buy tacos. It is a national dish consisting of corn tortillas, small slices of meat, vegetables, and sauce. Quesadilla is your number two goal. This dish looks like a pie. But the role of the dough is played by two corn cakes.

The filling consists of meat, cheese, chili, and local vegetables. This is a spicy but delicious dish. Another delicacy is guacamole pasta. The main ingredient in this dish is avocado. Local chefs add tomatoes, limes, and chili to guacamole for a richer flavor. You should taste this.