4 Stories That Will Have You Convinced to Get Travel Insurance

One question that is asked most by travelers is whether or not they should get travel insurance. Every year, millions of travelers risk traveling without insurance. Most think that insurance is useless as nothing could possibly go wrong. Well, the following stories from travelers will make you rethink not getting travel insurance.

Medical bills that can drain your pockets

John from Alberta: “My fiancé and I love adventure. We decided to take a trip to Machu Picchu in Peru not just to explore the wonder but also to get loads of hiking in. On what would be our last hiking expedition in Peru, I tripped over a few rocks and badly sprained my right ankle. It was sprained badly enough that I couldn’t put any pressure on it, which meant I couldn’t really walk.

We ended up having to call paramedics out and they took me to the hospital to get tests and treatment. Everything went smoothly from there but as I was being discharged the next day, I was handed a bill of $1,500. I was shocked and then I found out that they wouldn’t discharge me until the bill was paid.

I was lucky that my fiancé had her credit card, which we used to pay the bill as mine was already maxed out due to the trip. Ever since then I make sure not to fly out anywhere without travel insurance so I have such emergencies covered.”

Costly last-minute cancellation 

Sara from Manitoba: “I had planned to travel to Spain last year with a few friends. A day before we had to fly out, I had an accident which led to me fracturing my leg which meant I couldn’t travel. I had spent over $2,000 on tickets, hotels, and other reservations, most of which were not willing to give me full reimbursement due to me having to cancel at the last minute.

Overall, I ended up getting back half of what I had already spent and lost the other half. Till today, I regret not getting travel insurance which would have covered me in such a case.”

Lost baggage can ruin your trip

Cameron from British Columbia: “I was traveling alone to Japan. The airline ended up losing the bag I had checked in. The trip was for 2 weeks so I had packed quite a few things that I would need from clothes to other basic items. The airline promised to reimburse me but it took them over a week to do so.

This meant I was without my clothes and other items for a week. I ended up having to spend my own money to get the essentials while I waited for the airline to reimburse me for the lost baggage. This was the first time I had such an experience and the fact that airlines don’t reimburse you immediately didn’t help.”

Delays that can throw your trip off

Steve from Ontario: “I was traveling with my wife and two kids to India from Toronto. We had booked everything in advance and planned on traveling from Delhi to Calcutta hours after landing. However, due to weather conditions in Toronto, the flight was delayed by 8 hours which meant we would lose our train tickets to Calcutta. This is exactly what happened once we reached.

We ended up having to wait 5 hours at the train station for the next train and had to buy new tickets which cost us another $250. Paying the extra amount wasn’t a big deal but having lost 5 hours meant that we had to cancel some of the plans we had on the first day of reaching Calcutta and didn’t have the time to do it later on.” 

You never know when circumstances can change or an accident may occur. This is why it is better to be on the safe side with travel insurance. It gives you a safety net in case things go awry. If you still don’t believe us, just ask travelers who have had to use insurance on their trip and they’ll let you know how lucky they were to be covered. 

Author’s Bio:

Bob Hornal is the founder and President of Best Quote Travel Insurance in Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada. With over 15 years of experience as a financial advisor, Bob has traveled to more than 30 incredible countries and has dealt with a multitude of difficult situations including flight delays, medical emergencies, and weather damage, making Bob an expert at traveling.

His dream is to inspire and inform those who wish to travel by including his personal experiences and professional knowledge in each piece he writes.