4 creative ways that you can remember your next vacation

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If you have put a lot of time and money into planning a fantastic vacation, it is important that you create memories that will last you a lifetime. The last thing that you want is for all of your trips to blend into one. Instead, you should do everything in your power to ensure that your next holiday is unforgettable. If you are looking for inspiration, you will need to read on. Below are four creative ways that you can remember your next vacation.

Share your pictures on social media

Many people shy away from posting their holiday pictures on social media because they are afraid that it will look as though they are bragging. However, it is actually a great way for you to share your important experiences with your loved ones. If they truly care about you, they will meet your happiness with excitement instead of judgement. Having your photos on social media could help to start a dialogue about your holiday and provide you with the opportunity to walk down memory lane. The more that you share your experience, the more likely it is that you remember it.

Find a pen pal

Whatever age you are, you are never too old for a pen pal. Staying in touch with someone that you met on your holiday is a fantastic way to keep the memory of your trip alive. Your pen pal will be the perfect person for you to talk to about your travels. Even if you move onto new topics, they will still be a constant reminder of the place where you first met. Your pen pal could be a fellow tourist, but ideally, you should try to make friends with the locals. This will help you to learn about a new culture and to build links with someone that you might not have met anywhere else.

Display pictures around your home

Once you have returned from your vacation, you should get your photographs developed and display them around your home. Try to be creative about how you are going to do this. Don’t just opt for a basic frame. Instead, make sure that you holiday pictures become a real talking point.


Update your digital devices

Another option is to update the wallpaper on your digital devices. You can use Adobe Spark to create beautiful wallpapers that feature images from your travels. Then, every time you switch on your phone, laptop, or computer, you will be taken straight back to your holiday. You will even have the opportunity to write a brief message that sums up your travelling experience. This could be another great way to jog your memory. For instance, if you holidayed on a tropical island, you could include words such as: sea breeze, palm trees, golden sand, and relaxation. Or, if you went on an adventure holiday, you could include words such as: daredevil, adrenaline rush, excitement, and risk taker.