4 Alternative Ways to Socialise and Meet New People

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Whether you’ve just moved to a new area, you’re on the lookout for romance or wanting to try new things, there are plenty of options to meet new people. You won’t see us mentioning a local bar, online dating or gym classes here as we delve into more alternative ways to socialise and potentially make new friends.

Community Groups

The great thing about community groups is that they give you the opportunity to meet new people in an environment that you’re comfortable with. Look out for charity organisations, religious or secular church initiatives, or sports clubs. You might also be able to find a group that allows you to bring your skills and knowledge to the table to help others as well as those that let you get involved with local events.


Joining a sports club has a number of benefits. It’ll improve your fitness while helping you engage with a pursuit you enjoy and meet new people. But our leisure time offers us more ways to socialise in 2019. Take for example video gaming. With multiplayer platforms nowadays, our internet connection gives us access to millions of fellow players instantly with many games favouring real-time interaction.

That is particularly relevant in iGaming, where, for example, the traditionally community-centric game of bingo has enjoyed a renaissance. Bingo rooms allow those who play bingo online to achieve a sense of community in stylised variations like Rainbow Riches and Deal or No Deal. Bonus offers for new players make this an attractive option or you can consider local land-based venues nearby as the game’s interactive fun comes truly to life.

Social Media

Social media might at first appear to be less conducive to meeting people in your town or city. But it is actually a great way to lay the groundwork with those who may live nearby. Many community groups have Facebook pages for their members to interact, so you could find one or more you’re interested in. See if they organise meets and whether you can join in.

Social media is also a great place to find likeminded people. You may be interested in photography, for example. Facebook and Twitter is a perfect place to begin searching for the things you enjoy before narrowing it down to events, activities and organisations happening nearby.


No, not yoga or spinning or 30-minute legs, bums and tums at the local gym. It’s time to think outside the box. And there are usually lots of things to try, especially if you live in or near to a city. The rise of so-called “competitive socialising” has seen venues having to consider new ways to entice the crowds which can sometimes mean left-field events such as axe throwing and beer pong.

But it also means adult classes of a different kind. Places where you could meet people who have similar interests. You could consider cocktail making for example, or maybe you fancy improving your food skills with a cooking class. Less obvious options include pottery, paper marbling and tile making.

Meet new people the alternative way. The perception might be that we’re driven apart by modern technology but it can also bring us closer together. Social media doesn’t have to be about communicating with people thousands of miles away because, joined by similar interests, it could mean making a new friend in the same city. Find ways to socialise that engage with your interests, skills and personal ambition. That way they’ll be fulfilling and worth your time.

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