3 Ways to Enjoy a Skiing Holiday

If you have secretly spent your life dreaming of a ski holiday then this is the year to make your dreams come true.  Rushing down the slopes with the wind in your hair as you glide over the snow is a fantastic form of exercise and a great way to relax, unwind, and get back to nature.  There are many ski hills to visit throughout the world so choose a spot and head out.  Most ski hills offer really good rentals so if you don’t own your own equipment or you are travelling by plane you can be confident that you will still have good equipment.  Be sure to wrap up warm so that you will be comfortable all day out on the slopes.  Below is some advice to make your skiing holiday dream become a reality.

Live in Luxury

One of the best ways to enjoy a skiing holiday is to stay in a luxury chalet mere minutes from the slopes.  There are companies that offer luxury chalets throughout Europe, North America, Australia, and Asia to make your skiing holiday the best it can possibly be.  The best part about staying in a luxury chalet is the fact that you can ski to and from the runs right from the door of your chalet.  You can also take advantage of luxuries such as concierge service, swimming pools, hot tubs, a full staff, hot meals ready when you get home from skiing, and many other exciting features.  Check out Consensio’s range of luxury chalets for inspiration.

Luxury ski chalet

Go on a Group Holiday

Possibly the best way to enjoy a skiing holiday is to grab your buddies and go on a group holiday.  You can bond with your friends on and off the slopes.  The best part about skiing with a group of people is that you can keep the costs down and you can ski with a different person each day if you get tired of all skiing together.  Click here to see the best resorts in Europe. Eating out every meal can get kind of expensive so make sure that someone knows how to cook (or at least heat things up) and that you have access to more than just your beer in your fridge.  Here are some examples of filling meals, which your group will love. But you will definitely want to spend a few meals checking out the bar scene and the restaurants available in whatever village is close to the ski slope that you choose.

Group ski holidays

Become a Ski Instructor

Another way to enjoy your skiing holiday is to learn to be a ski instructor.  This will ensure that you can keep the skiing holiday going as long as you wish and that you receive a discount on your lift pass once you have a job and are instructing.  For certification it is best to study in the country that you will want to be teaching in.  The amount of time that your course will take varies by what country you want to instruct in, your skill level, and what level of skiing you wish to teach.  Be prepared to make an investment in your certifications and know that you will have to keep your certifications current if you want to keep teaching. If this is an option that interests you, visit Oyster Worldwide for more information on ski instructor courses.

Become a ski instructor