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3 Surprising Spots for Family Fun this Summer

Don’t waste your time standing in line for amusement parks this summer.  Get out and explore the world and take your family on an adventure where they can immerse themselves in a different culture, learn some history, and explore a new land.  Here are three surprising spots for family fun for your summer vacation.


India is a great place to take your family on an adventure.  There are five thousand years of history to learn about and it is an exciting blend of different cultures and religions.  Begin your visit in the capital city of Delhi and explore the many sights of this vibrant city including The Lotus Temple and The Red Fort. Take an overnight bus trip or hire a personal driver and head to Agra to experience the thrill of Taj Mahal, India’s most iconic attraction.  There are many rewarding things that you can experience as a family in India.  You can volunteer in villages to help teach English to children, visit an ashram, explore temples, mosques, and churches, or go on a safari to see tigers. India has 29 different states and each region has a different official language, and different styles of food.  Be sure to sample the local food and discover India. For more information about planning your trip to India, visit Ampersand Travel.

Taj Mahal, India


Russia is the world’s largest country and there are so many things for your family to do and see.  Start your visit in Moscow, the capital city, and visit the Red Square, the Kremlin, and St. Basil’s Cathedral.  Take a trip to the Armoury museum to see the Faberge Eggs displayed there. Take a boat cruise to St. Petersburg and be sure to visit the Winter Palace, the stunning architecture of The Church of the Savior on Blood and stop at the State Hermitage Museum. Ride the rails and hop on the Trans-Siberian Railway to explore the rest of this magnificent country.  Be sure to sample the local cuisine and try borscht, many different kinds of mushrooms, and the famous sturgeon caviar.

st petersburg


Croatia is an exciting place for any family to visit. The spectacular scenery and the fascinating history will impress people of all ages.  Be sure to start your visit in the beautiful walled city of Dubrovnik.  This stunning city on the bright turquoise coast of the Adriatic Sea is a great place to walk through and there are many walking tours the family can join.  This is also where Game of Thrones films the scenes for King’s Landing so if there are any fans in the family you can go on a walking tour of the filming sites. There are also 7 World Heritage Sites scattered throughout the country and architecture that dates back to the Baroque, Renaissance, and the Roman eras. It is also a great place for nature lovers and many lakes to explore as well as over 1,000 islands off the coast.  Spiaza Beach, which is on the island of Susak, has been voted one of the top ten beaches in Europe. You can charter a sailboat or take public ferries to the larger islands. The experts at Exeter International can provide you with travel and tours in Croatia.

Dubrovnik Croatia

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