10 Tips to Being a Better Deer Hunter

Hunting is an exciting and engaging sports activity that has been followed for centuries. It is not an easy task to hunt, but it’s an activity you will always love once you get the hang of it. Of course, the best and the most exciting type of hunting is deer hunting.

The deer season is so short and highly intense that every deer hunter is out there to catch their animal. Naturally, therefore, you need to be prepared to ace this deer season. But, fear not, here are the 10 best tips to help you hone your deer hunting skills!

1.  Understand the wind

The wind plays a vital role in hunting. Deer are very sensitive animals who can catch the scent from a long distance. Therefore, you need to make sure you sit opposite the wind direction when you hunt. When you place your stand, position it in either the downwind or crosswind.

Deer are quick and intelligent. They are always on the alert; if they smell you, you lose your hunt for the day.

2.  Learn your hunting area

One critical step before you hunt is to understand your surroundings. Learn the entire area in and out before you pursue. When you scout the site, you will be able to learn different paths the animals take, the lake area, deer beds, and their trails and escape routes. Scouting the place gives you a bigger picture and makes it easy to hunt.

3.  Long-Range hunting

Hunting experts always have one hunter on the longer angle. To become a better deer hunter, buy a compatible scope that gives you a long-range view and helps you aim at a deer on the run.

4.  Round up a smaller area

Once you know your area, surrender to a small part. Go for group hunting and surrender the perimeter of the smaller area where the deer bed is nested or where the deer come for gazing and water. This way, the deer will not be able to escape the shot.

5.  Choose your weather

Deer feed before and after a storm and remain rested in their beds during the rains. They gaze calmly at dry weather, either during the sunrise or the sunsets but never at peak afternoon. So perch early to hunt fresh deer.

6.  Use sounds

Deers can hear you easily, so never talk loudly during a hunt. But many hunting experts use grunting or soft whistles to attract them. The sounds will make the prey pause for a minute, giving you a clear window to shoot.

The sounds can also aid you in bringing the deer out of their cover and towards you. But be careful not to sound human, else you will lose the animal that day.

7.  Never take a break

To be a better hunter, you need to understand that there is no such thing as breaks in a hunt. Deer come out anytime during the day in cold weather. Therefore, you need to stay focused and alert throughout the search.

Dress warmly for the hunt, always have a raincoat in the bag, and keep your food very bland. Deer can easily smell spices from your food and will stay away from your target.

8.  Choose your points

Always mark your boundaries when you hunt a running animal. Deer are quick, smart, and can wriggle out of traps easily and run out of sight in no time. It is much better to go group hunting for deer. Position the hunters at entry, exit, and all locations surrounding the hunting parameter. This way, you can trap the deer and get a clear shot.

9.  Camouflage yourself

Well, animals always have better eyesight than humans. Anything out of nature will automatically give a red signal to the animal, and they run away. Make sure to wear green and brown clothes. It will help you blend in.

10. Be closer to the target

In case you are hunting alone, stay closer to your target. Stay in the tall grass and move as silently as possible, and remember, you only get one chance to aim at your target. So always aim for the head for an instant kill.


Hunting a deer is a skill to master. Deer is not an easy animal to hunt, and it requires an immense amount of patience, persistence, and dedication. Now that you know the ways to become a better deer hunter, it’s time to hunt!