10 Most Useful Travel Apps For 2019

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2018 is just about to close its final chapter, and we all are excited what 2019 will bring us. People who love to travel are aiming to go further, cover more distance, and visit places they have never visited before. So it is indeed going to be a year full of fun. But in order to visit more places and explore new destinations, you need to enhance your traveling experience so that you can preserve your enthusiasm and energy. For this reason, we are going to share 10 most useful travel apps for 2019 that will help you to go more than an extra mile with their amazing features.

The importance of travel apps

Our world has evolved beyond our imaginations in the last few decades. Some changes have made our life a lot easier than it was before. With the evolution of cars, trains, aircraft, or any other electronic item such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones, our lives have indeed simplified. With smartphones came infinite ideas of research and development in the application sector, and today there are a lot of apps manufactured by different developers, that can help us make our traveling much easier. But sometimes, too many choices can make us indecisive as to which application will suit us more, or which application is the best in a certain category. We can also not download every app, as smartphones have limited memory. So what can be done in this situation? The answer is to find out the best and most useful application.

We all have come to a point in our life that we have tried multiple times to find our desired application but failed. There are many apps that can help us a lot in not only traveling but other places in life. But then there are applications that will never help us out. So choosing the right travel applications before setting out on an adventure is crucial for all of us. The right applications are priceless, and they are worth investing our time and money. So in order to help you decide which application you may need on your traveling, we are going to present 10 most useful apps for 2019. So read this article, and enjoy benefitting from it.

Types and uses of different applications

As discussed before, traveling applications can be useful in a lot of ways. Some traveling apps can help you find discounted flight deals, some can help you book a hotel room in the least price possible. Some traveling apps can enhance your experience by providing useful information. There are also traveling applications that can even save your life if any critical situation arises. In this article, we are going to discuss different travel apps that are considered best in their regard. So read this article, and download these travel applications to make the most of your next traveling trip.

10 most useful travel apps for 2019


Airbnb is a must nowadays in every smartphone. This application helps you find the best accommodation in the least possible price at any place you are going. This application has a great user interface and user experience, which has helped it to become one of the world’s leading travel application. So it comes highly recommended from us, other blogging platforms, and different traveling experts.

Dream World Travel

Dream World Travel app will always help you find the best traveling deals and packages available online. You can not only find cheapest flights to your destination, but also book tailor-made travel packages such as a honeymoon, private trips, trekking, beach getaway, and even pilgrimage. They can also help you with other matters such as booking a suitable hotel accommodation, transportation, and all other traveling transfers. So this application is a must in the smartphones of every traveler.

Google Translate

We all face communication problems when we are traveling in countries and cities that speak a different language than ours. In the past, people used to carry a translating book or dictionary just to communicate with others. But today, our lives have been blessed with Google Translate application, and so the problem of communication with the locals have become much easier. This application can easily translate a voice note or context from any language into yours. So download this app before setting a foot out from your home, and have a nice trip.

Google Maps

Another blessing of this century, the Google maps can show you not only your precise location in any country but also the distance and direction to your desired destination. It will also tell you which route to take, how much time will it take, and even the road condition and traffic situation. This application is truly a blessing for not only travelers but also other people as it can help them navigate their way easily and safely in around any city.


Everyone is familiar with Uber, and at a certain point in our lives, we all have used it. This application is not only beneficial to people traveling in different countries, but also to the people who live in one place. Uber provides a safe way to travel from one place to another. You can also avail coupon codes, promotions, and other deals for a discount.

Mobile Passport

Part of the latest trend, mobile passport application is taking the world by storm. This app will help a traveler keep track of his or her important documents, as well as save a lot of time in immigration and boarding procedures.


TimeOut helps its users by finding them the best restaurant, coffee and drink shops at any certain place. It also provides other resources as well such as reviews, and user-generated comments. This application has a very high rating on every platform, and is known to be free from all sorts of bugs and have a huge operational range. So it is a perfect choice for a traveler.

FlightRadar 24

Installing FlightRadar 24 application in your smartphone will help you keep a track of your flight from the time of boarding, to the departure and ultimately landing. The best thing about this application is that it is deadly accurate. You can also track your plane movement in the air with its GPS service, so no more making wild guesses as to where your plane is flying.


AccuWeather helps you determine the accurate weather conditions of any certain place. It will tell you the weather of a place you are planning to visit, for the next 10 to fifteen days. So this application comes very handy and is highly recommended by many bloggers and travel experts.

XE Currency

XE Currency keeps all the foreign exchange rates up to date on its platform. It helps you avail the latest rates of different currencies, their exchange rates along with all the statistics in different types of representations. It can also work without the connection of the internet. So if you are wandering in any market anywhere, you will have an idea about the currency rates, and no one will be able to fool you.

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