What to see and do in Hawaii

Holiday ideas for HawaiiThe hustle and bustle of everyday life is stressful. With the combination of work, family, home, and health to consider, it’s easy to forget that a deep breath and some rest is needed every once in a while. For those looking to escape to a tropical land for the ultimate relaxation experience, Hawaii’s sun-drenched coasts and tumbling waves of the purest blue awaits. Hawaii is home to innumerable sights and activities that are perfect for the active adventurer, while also offering those looking to just kick back the relaxed pace they’re looking for.With the golden sand beneath your feet and nature’s soothing symphony of sounds close by,

What to do in Hawaii 2012

you’ll feel at home the minute you set foot on the island.

With a host of Hawaii hotels waiting to immerse you in the warmth of the Aloha spirit, you’ll be able to accomplish all of your sightseeing goals before returning to an environment of modern comfort that you’ll love. For a good mixture of activities unique to Oahu, we have a few recommendations that are sure to renew, inspire, and invigorate.

Unspoiled Stretches of Beaches

Where to go in HawaiiThe source of desktop backgrounds for years, it is impossible to tire of the vast expanse of natural beauty present in Hawaii’s shores. Whether you’re looking to bask for hours in the sun with nothing but a book and a pair of sunglasses, or are hoping to take in some exhilarating aquatic fun, there are hours to be spent at the beach. Waikiki Beach is a favorite among island hoppers, but the selection is endless.

Challenge yourself to try something new, like taking a surfing lesson. People come from all over the world to harness those precious moments of uninhibited freedom on top of a surfboard in the warm waters of the Pacific. With many different shore breaks offering different levels of difficulty, Hawaii is the perfect place to paddle out for the first or fiftieth time.

While the surface of the water offers plenty to admire, the world that lies hidden beneath the waves is a marvel to behold. For those hoping to swim alongside a sea turtle or get lost in a maze of colorful reefs, scuba diving or snorkeling is the ideal way to spend an afternoon. Many companies offer chartered boats to different undersea paradises, where you and your family can become tourists in a new universe. There is also a wealth of life closer to the shore if you’d like to simply strap on a mask, some flippers, and a snorkel.

More to Explore Inland

Where to go on Vacation in hawaiiWhile it may be difficult to tear yourself away from the beach, Hawaii is full of tropical rainforests, complete with jungle canopies and hidden waterfalls that are a thrill to explore. Choose from a myriad of trails that vary in length and difficulty, but all promise remarkable sights that will engrain themselves in your mind.

A favorite trail for the beginning hiker is the ascent to Mariner’s Ridge in East Honolulu. Upon reaching the peak after a strenuous, but manageable hike, you’re greeted with a view that will surely leave you speechless. With the ocean and the island in front of you from an unimaginable vantage point, you’ll be glad you made the trek.

For the experienced hiker, Hawaii offers many trails within its remarkable State Park system. View sites that date back to World War II, or ascend to the ridge of Diamond Head crater to gain the bragging right of reaching the summit of a Hawaiian volcano!

Amazing Golf courses

best hawaii golf coursesIf golf is your sport of choice then you’ll find some great golf courses in Hawaii. Not only do they offer some challenging holes, they also boast some of the most stunning scenery of any golf course in the world.  They’re all easy to get to by road and offer some great facilities to keep you occupied. Many of the larger resort hotels also have golf courses and  can easily arrange transportation to others. Some great golfers such as PGA pro Rory McIlroy have often enjoyed these courses. Well worth checking out while in Hawaii

The union of natural beauty and the unique culture of Hawaii have kept people coming back for decades. Wash away any stress with a trip to Hawaii for a magical experience unlike anything else.

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