5 weird and wonderful reasons to visit Canada

We love Canada, it was our honeymoon destination in 2007 and a place we love to visit. With friendly people, vast landscapes and beautiful mountains, there’s a lot to see and do here. But we’ve all heard about how awesome Vancouver is and how great the skiing is in Banff. What about some weird and wonderful reasons you should visit this north american country?

Big things

unusual things to see in CanadaYou think Australia is the only land with big things? Think again. Canada has its fair share of weird and wonderful monuments. From Mac the Moose in Saskatchewan to the World’s largest beaver at Beaverlodge, Alberta. There’s even a ridiculously huge violin in Sydney, Nova Scotia. You’ll find a big lobster in Shediac and an 8 metre tall Lumberjack in Canarvon, Ontario. There’s no shorted of huge monuments all over the place.

Odd museums

weird museums in canadaThere are lots of museums in the world, many of which have the same boring historical artefacts. Why go to them when you could be going to the Museum of Shoes in Toronto! Yes the Bata shoe museum really does have an impressive collection of shoes throughout history. How about the Vancouver Police museum with its very own morgue! Or the Star Trek museum in the aptly named Vulcan, Alberta. If it’s all too exciting for you why not venture in to the world of Accordions in Montmagny, Quebec. There really is a museum for every weird and wonderful thing in Canada. The best has to be the Potato museum in O’Leary which even has its own big thing! A giant potato of course!

Winter madness

Wok RacingSkiing and Snowboarding are the widely accepted forms of winter sport and Canada sure does know how to do winter! But have you ever been Wok Racing? How about Skijoring? And who hasn’t longed to have a go at curling!? Yes there really is a lot more you can do when it snows in Canada. Just for the record Wok racing really is what it sounds like, racing down a slippery slope in a large wok shaped bowl. As for Skijoring? Well who needs a slope to ski on when a pack of arctic foxes is much more fun!

Strange places to stay in Canada

Unusual hotels in CanadaYou’ll never be short of hotels and resorts in Canada. The cities are filled with luxury accommodation. But out in the countryside there’s all manner of weird and wonderful ways to spend the night. How about an ice hotel in Quebec? Or maybe get back to nature in a yurt? Our favourite has to be this wonderfully unusual spherical tree house on Vancouver Island. It’s like sleeping in a giant orange!

Weird places to visit

Have you been to middlefartBless those crazy Canadians, they live in all sorts of strangely named towns. Many are worth a visit just for a photo opportunity. Ever been to Bacon Cove? How about Shag Harbour in Nova Scotia? Or the surprisingly medium-sized town of “Tiny”. We can recommend a visit to Two Sheds, Flin Flon, Old Wives, Smuts, Baldy Hughes and our personal favourite, Bummers Roost.

Yes there really is a whole bunch of weird stuff going on in Canada and we highly recommend a visit to this great country. If you’ve got any more wacky reasons to visit Canada do let us know. Post your comments below.

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