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Tune Hotel gets a renovation in KL

Kuala Lumpur is a place we often visit when we’re in Asia. A hub for low-cost flights to a lot of Asian destinations and a busy city to rival the likes of Singapore and Bangkok.  You will be amazed at the great deals on flights to Kuala Lumpur you’ll be able to find if you set your mind to it.  It’s a city with its fair share of traffic problems but has some great districts and streets to explore. On a recent visit to KL we had the pleasure of revisiting a Tune hotel in the downtown area.  It’s not long been completely renovated so we were keen to check out this low-cost hotel born from the same group as Air Asia and see what changes had been made.

The premise is pretty simple. It’s a budget hotel with all the features you need, only you pay for what you use. So air con, wi-fi, tv and even towels are all extras. If you just want a cheap night it’s perfect and of you want more it’s there to be purchased.

First impressions

Upon arrival the security guard opened the door and welcomed us in. The staff are fairly friendly here although we found they were a little shy when to came to knowledge about the hotel and surrounding area. Our room was on the third floor and the new tune hotel styling has changed a fair bit. Now favouring a shiny grey, black and red colour scheme. The hallway isn’t that inviting. With small bedrooms there’s a lot of doors in a corridor which looks somewhat like prison. But we’re not here for the hallways! Thankfully the rooms are much more inviting and ours had a compact yet cosy feel. The bed was firm and comfortable and the shows is powerful and hot. The small control panel near the door handles most of the room’s features including air con and lights.

Paying as you go

One problem we encountered was unfortunately something that has happened at both times we have stayed at tune hotels. You purchase a block of time to use the air conditioning. Unfortunately our ‘comfort package’ was not enough for our 2 night stay and promptly switched off at 5am on our second night. Waking up in a hot sweat isn’t much fun and with just a few more hours of sleep it hardly seemed worth purchasing 12 hours of air con. If we had it would have made the total cost of the room comparable to some decent budget hotels and hostels in KL. I personally don’t like this system and the fact that it ran out with no warning wasn’t very helpful or fun! I would prefer to pay for the exact hours used rather than purchase blocks I can’t use all of. But I understand that’s how they make a profit. It is the low-cost business model after all. Most things work in their favour.

Extra features

Tune hotels Kuala Lumpur Review after renovationWe also purchased the Internet and tv features, both of which weren’t really worth it. For starters we had to pay extra on the day while booking in advance gets out a big saving. Something we didn’t know about before. Also the Internet was so slow in our room it was almost unusable. This may just be where our room was in relation to the wi-fi access point. The TV feature is handy to have but the choice of channels wasn’t worth the cost.

I think the hotel works great for a one night stay where you don’t plan to be at the hotel all that much. It has all the features you’d want and I can’t fault the bed or shower, two big ticks in my requirements. But i think being aware of paying for a particular service like wi-fi, you then expect a certain level of quality. If it’s included in your room price you tend to care less about its quality. It’s a strange paradox but definitely true.


So if you’re planning on visiting for more than one night then maybe the budget hotel idea doesn’t work so well but I would recommend a one night stay at the tune hotel in downtown Kuala Lumpur. It’s location is great, bed is sublime and shower is refreshing. If you’re after an easy and reliably comfortable night in a hotel it’s perfect for that. Also worth noting if you’re flying out of KL early in the morning there is a Tune hotel right outside KL LCC terminal. Definitely worth considering.

Check out the Tune Hotel Website for more information. They currently have hotels in Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and the United Kingdom.

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