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Top five money saving apps for your phone

One of the greatest fears that travellers face on holiday, is wasting unnecessary money on things which more than likely they cannot afford.

Although you can buy pre-paid SIM cards online from stores such as SIMSmart Pre Paid, there are a range of applications found across three of the main App stores which can help save you money.

With that in mind, here are five of the best:

5. TravelSafe Pro

best travel appsAn app that could potentially save your life, as well as quite a bit of money, TravelSafe Pro contains not only emergency services numbers, but also embassy numbers for if you happen to lose your passport.

With no internet required to access any of the information, having this app can save you the hassle and money of turning on data or finding the nearest WiFi hub.

4. Hostelworld

best hostel appOne of the most popular worries of a backpacker is actually finding a hostel that they can trust. Though Hollywood films have given the humble hostel a bad name in the past, with Hostelworld you can be assured of a friendly, safe bed for the night.

With a directory of 250,000 budget hotels and hostels, the app also provides over 2.5 million reviews so the likelihood is that wherever you travel in the world, you are more than likely to find a great hostel near you!

3. Museums Mobile

best museum appIf you’re planning on visiting just a few museums on your travels, then Museums Mobile is quite possibly the most perfect app for your phone.

Found on Windows Phones, the pocket-sized database is simply packed with information about thousands of the world’s biggest museums.

More importantly however, with it you are able to determine which ones are cheap and better yet – free.

2. Wi-Fi Finder

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 14.39.26With current talk that the internet is becoming a human right, finding free Wi-Fi is imperative for all travellers. By downloading this app you will be able to find the nearest Wi-Fi hub in the city you are in.

The need of Wi-Fi certainly isn’t lost on the developers, as you can also use the app in offline mode; so that you don’t return home to find a bill the weight of the Titanic on your doorstep.

1. Onavo

Onavo CountQuite possibly the app that will save you the most money on your travels is Onavo.

Once installed, the app reduces the amount of data that is required to perform everyday tasks; whether that is retrieving email or posting to Facebook.

Great for everyday use it’s hard to say just how it works, but being that it has been downloaded by over 72,041 people so far, we’re pretty sure it does it without harming your phone.

Better yet, it is also free.

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