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Top 5 Activities to do in Oregon this summer

things to see in oregon

Oregon is a fantastic choice for summer travel because of how diverse the area is.  It really is one of the jewels of the United States, for those who enjoy the outdoors.  The area offers fishing, bird watching, golf, cycling, rafting, numerous state parks and so much more.  In the following list we attempt the impossible by narrowing Oregon down to its top five summertime activities.

1. Road Trip

top things to do in oregonTravel Oregon proudly claims that “there isn’t a single amazing thing about Oregon; there are about ten zillion”.  It’s a bold claim but also very true, and a road trip through Oregon allows you and your family to experience a large number of those opportunities.

The biggest hurdle when it comes to road trips is the planning, but Travel Oregon simplifies this with pre-made itineraries.  There are itineraries for couples and families, which include historic sites, fun zones and, of course, Oregon’s legendary berry picking. Check out their website for some awesome road trip ideas at (Image Source: The Oregon Tale)

2. Oregon Trail

things to see in oregonThe Old West and the Oregon Trail are two of the area’s most iconic aspects, and it would be shame not to experience them at least once in a lifetime.  The Oregon Trail includes historical sites and various museums and centers.  There are also opportunities for camping and hiking and riding along the trail.

The Old West aspect is spread throughout the southern portion of the state.  There are preserved Old West towns where you can spend the day and even stay overnight.  There is also the Sumpter Valley Railway, which lets you experience a trip on a train exactly as it was during the period of the Old West. (Image Source: Six Months Around The World)

3. Fishing Excursion

fishing in OregonAs you’d expect from a coastal state, Oregon offers a great deal of fishing diversity, and anglers come from all over North America for its salmon, bass, trout, sturgeon and shellfish.  Salmon, sturgeon and shellfish are available from any of Oregon’s ports. For bass, crappie and catfish, popular fishing sites include Davis Lake, John Day River and the Brownlee reservoir.  Odell Lake and Green Peter Reservoir are popular zones for Kokanee, which is an incredibly tasty land-locked salmon.
(Image Source: Oregon Live)

4. ATV Adventure

places to go in OregonOregon is one of the most popular areas for ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) riding in all of North America and that has a lot to do with how diverse the terrain is in this state.  In a very small area the ATV lover can experience a wide range of riding experiences, which makes for a great adventure and helps to keep costs down.

An ATV license is required for public trails, but these are easy and fast to acquire on an Oregon ATV course and Oregon will accept compatible licenses from other states and provinces. (Image Source:

5. Dining Adventure

best place to eat in OregonOregon’s culinary tradition sometimes flies under the radar, but it is a diverse tradition that dates back to the Old West.  The tradition is so robust that you can plan an entire adventure around it.  A particular hotspot is Jacksonville, which was established in 1861.  The summertime is a great time to experience this city because it has numerous historic restaurants and there are music festivals and other events day and night throughout the summer months.
(Image Source: Malias Miles)

Planning Your Visit to the Pacific Wonderland

Reducing Oregon to just five activities is not easy, and it doesn’t do justice to all that the state offers.  If you’re planning your first trip to Oregon, the best option is to start with a road trip, and then add on other features.  The Oregon Trail and the dining adventure can be easily added to one of the pre-made itineraries.

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