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Ten Step Guide to Becoming a Skiing Champion

Do you like the idea of becoming a professional skier? Have you been dreaming of becoming the next Marc Girardelli or Lyndsey Vonn?

Take a look at these ten steps to becoming a skiing champion and see how far you’ve got to go before getting your first gold medal.

1. Learn the basics

Ideally, to become a champion in anything, you need to start at an early age. It takes a long time to become the best in the world, meaning it’s good to know the basics as a young as possible.

where to learn to ski

2. Get equipped

If you want to be a professional, you’ll have to ensure you have the right gear. You’ll need to think about boots, jackets, salopettes, goggles, skis, poles and so on.

3. Have professional lessons

If you want to be at the top of the game, it’s important to invest in the very best skiing lessons, so find an experienced instructor or a professional coach.  Find your nearest indoor ski slope and sign up now.

4. Join a ski club

You might live in the UK, but there are some indoor slopes that might have a ski club. Although, depending on how seriously you take your sport, you might need to spend some time abroad skiing in Val d’Isère to experience the very best schools and resorts.

best indoor skiing slope

5. Practice makes perfect

It doesn’t matter if you’ve spent the past five days on the slopes – you need to be practicing every available minute. Dedication is key.

6. Take part in local events

There will likely be amateur events at your ski club or at nearby resorts. It’s important to enter these to give you more practice, but also to get an eyeful of the competition.

7. Make a video

When you’re performing at events or just out on the piste, make sure someone is taping your run. Have the video professionally edited and use it to promote yourself.

8. Find sponsors

Start small – perhaps the local ski shop would be willing to give you free gear in return for advertising. Remember to use your video to persuade them.

best place for skiing

9. Enter professional events

When you’re competing against the big names, you know you’ve almost made it. Start small though, as the more practice you get, the better!

10. Contact the national team

If you’re winning regional competitions and events, contact the national team and express an interest in competing.

Provided you qualify for the team, the next step is to become a champion.

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