Sailing the Caribbean with Disney

A cruise is not just for your typical sunburned couples celebrating their golden wedding anniversary, or children with a rubber ring round their tummies shooting down the water slide; cruises are becoming somewhat of a travel trend for the intrepid explorer. With a Disney cruise to the Bahamas or Caribbean you can forget about the jet-set lifestyle; it’s time to take cruise control.

The whole package

things to do on a cruiseJust when you thought a trip to Disney couldn’t be any more magical they come up with the Ultimate Package: a holiday at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida followed by an enchanting Disney cruise. Whether you want to sail for just three days or for a whole week, every voyage offers the world-class hospitality that Disney’s famed for.

A Disney sea adventure departs from Port Canaveral, Florida and every voyage promises to be the ultimate Caribbean cruise. Aboard a ship that could rival the tallest of skyscrapers in size there’s no limit to the entertainment offered.

Outdoor life

disney cruiesUp on the high decks you’ll get to sample the most amazing views of the vast ocean before you. Admire it for a minute or two before you and your companions jump into a rubber dinghy and propel yourself on the ship’s water slide ride through Perspex tubes of water named famously after Donald Duck, the Aquaduck. Nobody’s too old for a water ride.

A Bahamas day trip

where to go on a cruiseLand dwellers, don’t hesitate over a cruise because you find it hard to get your sea legs. There are various calls to port on the holiday. One place definitely worth stepping out for is Disney’s private island paradise, Castaway Cay. Soft sand beaches, turquoise water, hammocks, bike rides and snorkelling, this island is best appreciated by grown-ups to live out their desert island fantasies while dining on barbecued chicken and drinking cool beers and frozen daiquiris.

Flexible cruising

It’s okay if you’re all independent spirits and want to do your own thing. Craft your own life at sea and catch up at the end of the day for dinner at one of the many restaurants or during a Broadway-esque theatre show. Recap, share tips, and compare your port day adventures, what spa treatments you had or what you bought in the cruiseliner’s shopping mall.

On a Disney cruise there is something for everyone. No one gets left behind on shore or relegated to walking the plank. Whether your aim is to catch some rays up on deck with fellow sun-worshipping friends or to snorkel with your splash-happy mates, it’s up to you. You can even get married on board.

Booking Disney tickets is easy to do and simple transfers are available for a Disney Cruise and Stay package. It’s the ultimate holiday and really simple to plan. you’ll soon be well on your way to setting sail. Ahoy!

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