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Photo roulette round 8 winner

Entering photo competitions are always fun. Sharing your best photos with people and hoping you may win. We were on the receiving end of round 7 of the Photo Roulette competition that was hosted on The Planet D blog. For round 8 we decided to go with the theme “Motion”, no doubt it’s been a lot of fun for those that decided to enter the competition just like we had before, but we never realised how tough it would be to pick a winner!

We had a fantastic 26 entries, with some really amazing shots in there. It was great to see different interpretations of “Motion”. Some capturing motion and freezing it, others using motion blur to create interesting movement and narrative.

Only one can win so we had the unenviable task of picking a photo we liked best. We decided that the winner is….

Travel photography roulette round 8 winner

Running through the rain in the Banglamphoo district of Bangkok.

Congratulations to Wes Nations from

We loved this image for many reasons. It’s so compelling to look at and captures so many “motion” themes in one photo. The boy was running, with motion blur at his feet especially. The camera was panning, creating motion blur in both the background and foreground. To top it all off the rain the boy was running through was captured in the shot as streaks.

There’s great narrative in this image with so much to look at. Technically it’s not perfect but it’s imperfections create an image that you can connect with and enjoy looking at. It’s often the imperfections that make great photos. This image has an almost 3D feel to it.

A huge thank you to all those that took part. You can check out all their fantastic photos on the Photo Roulette Round 8 article.

Keep an eye on Wes Nation’s blog for Round 9 of this great competition.

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