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A review of the new Nokia Lumia 800

Nokia’s latest smart phone to hit the market is the Nokia Lumia 800 with some great social networking features and camera too. All the tools a travel blogger needs. So we gave our trusted contributor Adela from the travel blog the new Nokia smart phone to play with. Here’s how she got on.

Nokia Lumia 800Now I am by no means a phone expert. I don’t go out to buy the next gadget or new model that comes out. The good thing is I am probably like a large chunk of you on the market for a new phone. All I want is something that looks good, is easy to use and has enough apps to keep me entertained.

Looks and style

Nokia review by a travel bloggerOn the aesthetic side of things I think the Nokia Lumia 800 is a very sexy looking phone. It looks really modern and sleek and I love the hard angle rectangular look Nokia has gone for. The huge screen is also a real bonus for surfing the net.

The home page is super simple to navigate.  Instead of  tacky little symbols cluttering the screen to indicate all the different features and apps there are lovely blue tiles. They are actually called live tiles and you can personalise them with pictures. When you get a new message or status update these will be shown on the live tile. For example if you want to check if you have a new email you do not even need to click into your email app as it just shows up on the home page.


Nokia Lumia 800 reviewEase of use is really important to me. Generally I am pretty rubbish with new technology. When I swap to a new phone I usually spend the first couple of weeks in a haze of confusion.  So when I turned the phone for the first time and got a wee introductory session I was really impressed.

It was really quick, went over the basics of how to use the phone and you could click on additional slides to get more info if you wished.

In terms of features, I thought the camera and video quality were fantastic but the thing I liked the best about this phone was the social media side of things. All your contacts are linked through Hotmail, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Each individual conversations is also linked per contact so for example texting and social media conversations with one contact link so you can keep them threaded in the same conversation.


Nokia mix reviewThe Nokia mix streaming service is one of the best features. You can stream hours of music for free with Mix Radio and you do not need a subscription or anything. And if you hear a song you like and want to download it you can do that easily as your music store is linked to the Mix radio.

One thing that I was not sold on was the mapping software. I guess I am too used to Google maps because I found it quite hard to navigate and we ended up getting lost when we went for a drive in the Scottish Highlands! As with all new phones, the battery life was good and I could easily get through the day with lots of surfing, social media and calls without needing to recharge it.


review nokia lumia 800All in all I was really impressed with the Nokia Lumia 800. I have always envied Cole’s Android and my friends iPhones but Nokia have succeeded in redirecting my love to their phone. The only downside is that it is quite pricey compared to some similar Smart Phones on the market at the moment. I know some people will not think the benefits outweigh the cost. It did always look great in my hand though and I never missed a chance to pull it out of the handbag to show it off!

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