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Infographic guide to Waikiki, Hawaii

Hawaii is a place very dear to our hearts. Its where we got married back in 2007 and also a place quite unlike any other! A few tiny dots in the middle of the huge Pacific Ocean, this highly active volcanic chain of islands really shouldn’t be inhabited, but it is, and by wonderful people and some really staggering landscapes too. We recently came across this infographic all about things to do in Waikiki which should definitely be a place high on your bucket list. Check it out below.

The Sprit of Aloha is something you’ll hear a lot in Hawaii. While Aloha has come to mean “Hello” these days it actually has a richer deeper meaning. In the Hawaiian language it means a number of things like peace, mercy, compassion, and affection. Aloha is more a concept than a specific word. Luaus are also a big thing in Hawaii with every resort and bar having some sort of Hawaiian party. Be sure to check them out when you visit Hawaii as they’re a very a unique experience. Audience participation is pretty much mandatory and there’s plenty of food, drink and Hawaiian music to really make you feel the spirit of Aloha.

I highly recommend a holiday to Hawaii, I can’t wait to return there and experience more of this very special place.

Things to do in Waikiki Hawaii

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