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Best ways to save money when on holiday

cheap beach holiday in croatia

According to Tesco Money the average family holiday in Europe costs around £2,000. Singles holidays can be even more expensive with single supplements and nobody to share the burden with but we aren’t about to give up our holidays any time soon. So, if we aren’t going to forfeit holidays altogether we need to find cheap holiday deals. Here are some top tips on how to bag cheap holiday deals.

Travel as a group

Group travel is by far the best value for money. Costs are spread throughout the group, so each person ends up paying less. This applies to accommodation, transportation and food – so long as you don’t have one person that always orders lobster or steak.

Take location out of the equation

cheap beach holiday in croatiaIf all you’re after is sun, sand and sea you can find this in Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Bulgaria, Croatia and so on. So, if your travel dates are dictated – for example if you have to travel during school holidays – choose by dates not location. On The Beach can help you find cheap holiday deals with its Deal Finder (at the time of writing it had some exceptionally good deals on cheap holidays to Crete). Just enter your travel dates, group size and departure airport and you’ll get to see the best holidays for your travel dates.

Cook for yourself

Self-catering breaks, particularly for group travellers, are an easy way to save money, if not time and hassle. If you are travelling in a group each person will end up paying very little and as long as you all take it in turns to cook and wash up it shouldn’t feel like too much of a drain.

Travel last minute

book a last minute holidayIf you can drop everything and leave in a matter of days not weeks you’re likely to benefit from cut-price holidays. This is generally only true of pre-packaged holidays through tour operators, as they want to shift deals to recover costs; to them it’s better to make a small profit than a complete loss.

Travel mid-week

Most people prefer to travel at weekends, so you’ll find cheaper deals during off-peak travel periods such as Tuesday to Thursday and/or travelling at unsociable hours such as early in the morning or late at night.


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