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Adventure trails are a great way to get the experience of travelling whilst travelling safely with likeminded companions.  It is a great way to broaden your horizons whilst challenging yourself as you drink in each new country’s unique cultures and traditions. Travelling with an organisation and a guide familiar to the area helps you make the most of your experience as you get insider knowledge on the best places to visit, at the best times, and often at the best prices.

where to go for group holidays

You can push yourself to your limits as you physically manoeuvre foreign lands, improving your fitness and stamina, whilst your reward lies in reaching your goal and enjoying the thrill of seeing the world before you in a beautiful horizon.  Organised tours are also an easy way to encounter individuals who share a similar passion for adventure travel and interest in experiencing new cultures. Your fellow travellers become your companions in every respect as you help each other overcome the challenges you’ll face, revel in the sights you see, and share a late night beverage after a hard day’s journey. For those concerned with safety, travelling in a group can reduce the vulnerability you may feel if travelling alone, and ease your worries as your travel with a guide familiar with the area.

Where to go?

With so much going on in the world it can be daunting deciding where to visit.  Trails are a fantastic way to see more of an area and each area is distinctive in what it offers its visitors, so the choice is yours depending on what you want to be doing.  Here’s some of our suggestions:

South East Asia

best temples in asiaLabelled “the backpacker’s paradise” for its idyllic beaches, crystal clear waters, and lush green islands, South East Asia is also full of ancient kingdoms and religions whose monuments and temples are still visible today.  Let yourself be intrigued by the infusion on Buddhist, Muslim and Hindu religions as you visit sacred sites shrouded in historic myth.  Trail members can also offer their time as a volunteer, giving disadvantaged kids a better chance in life by teaching English.

Central America

best places to go trekkingTake in the Latino charm of this vibrant isthmus as you travel through Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.  The most varied of trails, travelling down Central America will see you take to horseback, stroll cobblestone streets, hike up active volcanoes, and even zip wire through the jungle canopy.  Your experience will contrast the bustling bazaars of modern cities with remote Mayan temples as you feel the thrill of the ultimate backpacker trail.

South America

things to see in south americaVisit what feels like the centre of the earth as you travel from the equator in Ecuador, down the Inca trail through Peru, and arrive into the place where heaven meets earth on the Bolivian salt flats.  Visit UNESCO world heritage sites such as Quito, Ecuador’s capital and absorb traditional cultures diffused with modern Latino nightlife.  Relax with some waterfall bathing before you venture to the peak of Machu Picchu through dense forestry to see the heart of the ancient Inca civilisation.

What to do?

best eco friendly activitiesFor any conscientious traveller, travelling ethically is at the forefront of their mind, and part of adventure travel is becoming familiar with a place and its people yourself.  Eco-trails mean travellers are able to give something back to the communities that host them by donating their time and skills where there is a lack of resources. Participants on adventure trails for six weeks or more are encouraged to volunteer on a placement of their choice.  This means as a volunteers you can learn more about the conservation and community development issues developing countries face, whilst adding another dimension to your time away by become fully immersed within a way of life as you live alongside locals. Whether you choose to enhance your adventure travel by teaching English and acting as a classroom assistant, tracking animals or getting hands-on collecting turtle eggs, the difference you make is your choice.

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