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Arriving in St Vincent & The Grenadines for SVGLiming week

Liming is a new concept to me. In the Caribbean, particularly in St. Vincent & The Grenadines it means ‘to relax’ which definitely is something I do but as a way of life, it’s a new one on me! The idea of heading out on a blogger trip to the beautiful islands of St. Vincent & The Grenadines to explore both country and the concept of ‘Liming’ is something I’m sure appeals to all of you.

Getting to St. Vincent & The Grenadines

Getting to St Vincent and GrenadinesBefore the liming can begin there’s the little task of getting to St. Vincent. Some 4279 miles from Gatwick Airport in England. An early flight meant the chance to arrive a day early and start liming at the Sofitel luxury hotel right at the airport terminal, thanks to our friends at Holiday Extras. I’m never the greatest early riser so having space and time to get ready without having to get up at 3am to drive to the airport made a world of difference to the start of the trip.

Flights to St Vincent from Barbados

At present the best way to get to St. Vincent is to fly to Barbados, some 8.5 hours away and then catch a connecting flight to St. Vincent. Our flights went very smoothly and thanks to good entertainment and good company it felt like no time at all when we touched down on the island. Day flights alway help with that and the beautiful tropical surroundings just add to the feeling that Liming is definitely something I could do here. I mean look at the views! Perfect to sit and watch them for hours. With a Rum cocktail in hand of course.

Views of St Vincent

Young Island

Young Island in St VincentThe Young Island resort is, as the name suggests, on Young Island. In fact it is all of Young island! Just 200 yards from the coast of St Vincent you could swim across the channel if you really wanted, but a short boat ride is much more in keeping with the Liming spirit! There’s been a hotel on the island since the 1960s and its easy to see why. The views all around the island are stunning. Dense vegetation covers the islands and the oversized hammocks gently swaying in the breeze create the perfect Liming environment. A manageable 29C with enough clouds to get a break from the burning sun and warm calm waters to dip your toes and take a swim.

Sounds pretty relaxing eh? So what better way to start than by climbing an active volcano?! Possibly one of the most active days out a tourist can do here but an experience I’ve been told by locals is not to be missed. Expect a full report soon! Follow us live every day from the islands. Check out our live liming page and follow our hashtag on twitter #SVGLiming.

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