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Educational Travel: The New Way to See Costa Rica

For families, individuals, and school groups looking to maximize their travel time, an Educational Vacation is the best way to go beyond a typical trip to have a meaningful, inspiring experience that will leave you with more than just a tan and a few souvenirs once the trip is over.  Costa Rica is one of the most bio-diverse, beautiful, fun, and friendly countries on Earth and savvy travelers are now seeking to take advantage of all the opportunities in this spectacular place through Educational Travel, rather than just plopping on the beach or having a packaged experience that could be anywhere.

Poison Dart Frog at Indigenous Reserve, Puerto Viejo

More and more, travelers to Costa Rica are seeking a deeper understanding of the place they are visiting.  An Educational Vacation helps visitors more fully grasp the biological, cultural, and historical importance of the place they are visiting, whether that is on a hike through the cloud forest in a national park, or visiting a local crafts market showcasing traditional indigenous art.  Educational travel done right seeks to make connections between the people you meet, the places you visit, and the activities you try, allowing you to have a fuller picture of Costa Rica that most standard trips cannot provide.  These connections also allow you to make the most of your vacation,  helping you to form a cohesive, more enjoyable “story” of your trip that fits seamlessly together, rather than being composed of one-off activities or interchangeable photo-ops.

Educational travel in Costa Rica

Educational travel can not only allow for a richer experience during your trip, but can also have a meaningful impact long after your trip is over.   Meeting a young biologist dedicated to promoting conservation in his rainforest back yard can help spark an interest in biology for young travelers. Seeing first hand the impacts of monoculture food production on a pineapple plantation can help families make better consumer choices back at home.  Taking part in a meaningful service project with a rural school can inspire students to become more involved in service projects back in their own communities.

Completed Service Project, Tres Equis

Educational travel is the best way to make the most of your travel time and connect with the wonders of Costa Rica. More and more, travelers looking to get the most out of their travel opportunities are choosing to try an Educational Vacation, a satisfying, enriching trip that can have a profound effect after the vacation is over.

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