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We’re here to help promote travel blogger’s websites, writing skills and get them more great travel experiences to write about! We think we do a pretty awesome job. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what some of our contributors think about Travel with a mate. You can become a contributor too!

Lindsay Young

“I found Travel With a Mate over a year ago and was really impressed by the quality of content and the diversity of destinations covered. I’ve really enjoyed contributing to the site, and continue to use it personally as a resource for my travels.”

Chris Stevens

“I can’t quite remember how I came across Travel with a mate, but I can assure you that it’s been firmly book marked in my browser ever since! It was actually the first place I started guest posting for – that’s how much I enjoyed reading through it!

It’s great to see such a wide variety of posts from people of all ages and backgrounds – I’ve added things to my travel bucket list that I probably wouldn’t have considered before. Get stuck in, get reading and drop them an email to get involved!”

Lauren Fritsky

“Travel With a Mate provides a great resource for travellers and those thinking about travelling. From their interviews with nomads to their service-oriented pieces on what to do in a given country, the site keeps with the pulse of the travel community.

They sent me on a trip to review Mojo Surf School in Australia in November 2010, and it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I was able to learn to surf and meet other travellers from around the world while indulging in my love of writing. I will forever be grateful that they afforded me such an opportunity.”

Alicia Taggio

I found out about Travel with a Mate while I was in Australia through some of my friends at the Sydney Travel Tribe. The moment I logged on to the site I was in love. I dig the whole idea that it was advice for global nomads by other nomads themselves. I found myself drawn to the ‘Things to Do on a Budget’ section so was more than happy to put together fun things to do in a city at little to no cost (particularly for younger travelers). The best thing about it all? They let me create whatever I want in whatever style I chose to. I find there’s so much content out there today and sometimes it’s hard to sort through it all. With this website, I know I’m getting the goods.

Runaway Juno

“I found out about “Travel with a mate” through twitter and I thought they are a very traveller friendly community. An important thing in the online world is that you become friends and get know how they work. They asked me to write something about Seoul, the city I’m currently living in, and readers seem to love it! It was great.

I’ve watch their website from an early stage and witnessed it grow. To become one of the contributors of a travel community is always flattering and I really appreciate the opportunity.”

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