Things to do in Buenos Aires on a budget

Capitolio Nacional Buenos AiresBuenos Aires is a great place to visit! The capital of Argentina is known for its proud and passionate citizens and its European like city center, filled with beautiful architecture. Its bustling cosmopolitan life style and many tourist sites make it a top destination for -every- traveler. While the city has a modern feel to it, you can still venture into authentic and characteristic neighborhoods to look for a trace of a stately and virtuous world filled with passion and romance, seemingly forgotten in modern-day Western society.

Open bus tour

Bus tours of Buenos AiresWhile it doesn’t get anymore “touristy” than hopping onto the London style open double-decker bus, the one Buenos Aires offers great value for money. If you take the grand tour, it will take you past all the major touristic sites and all the different characteristic neighborhoods. It comes with a spoken tourist guide in all the major languages that gives you essential background information of the sites, history and culture of Buenos Aires.

The tickets are valid for two days and you can hop on and off, allowing you to spend as much time as you want at the sights that have your interest.

Learn to Tango

Where to tango in Buenos Aires

Tango is the first thing that comes to mind with a lot of people when they think about Argentina. This is, however, one of these “prejudices” since a lot of Argentineans don’t really care for Tango. But the dance is having a comeback among young Argentineans and there are still plenty of places around that host and teach Tango. As a visitor there are a number of ways to get involved in the Tango scene.

At first, you can go to one of the well advertised dinner shows. Behind the comfort of a quality dish you can gaze at shows from the top Tango dancers Buenos Aires has to offer.

If this gets you excited you can think about taking classes. Look on the Internet or ask just around, since there are a lot of schools especially focused on the tourists. There you can get away with not speaking Spanish and they know how to deal with clumsy and tripping newbie’s.

When you have learned to dance and feel confident enough you can go to a Milonga, a place where people come to dance Tango. Note that there is a set of unwritten rules that apply one those nights and you can’t just burst in and start to ask people for a dance. This will be the ultimate test of your character: will you make an impression that lasts, or become an idle observer in the corner of the room?

Recoleta neighborhood and cemetery

Visiting Evita grave in Buenos AiresRecoleta is a great piece of architectural and historical Buenos Aires. Its majestic lanes, its chilled out parks, its museums and its universities and libraries make it a great place for an afternoon cultural visit.

The main site of interest is the Recoleta Cemetery. Here, notable people of Argentina’s turbulent past have been buried in grandiose Mausoleums. Stroll through the cemetery and see if you can spot the grave of the world famous Evita.

La Boca

La Boca District in Buenos AiresLa Boca is a characteristic neighborhood that must be visited. It is famous for its colored houses and small -Caminito- where Tango is performed on the streets. Mainly Italian immigrants settled here which still contributes to the neighborhood’s atmosphere, reflected in the great Italian taverns for example.

See if you can join a game at the famous Boca Juniors football stadium. If you want to see a passionate crowd, this is the place to be (especially when there is a match against the same-city rival: River Plate). Take the organized tours that go there since going alone is strongly discouraged.

Nightlife in Buenos Aires

Where to clubbing in Buenos AiresThe nightlife in Buenos Aires is simply amazing and there is enough to explore for months. First of all you have the amazing theaters, operas and live dinner shows. Try to find a weekly overview of all that is available since the offer is humongous!
Have you finished with the theater and do you feel like dancing? Visit one of the Tango, Salsa or Cumbia joints that are open daily.

But if you’re into clubbing you really have come to the right place. Buenos Aires hosts a huge amount of clubs and can easily challenge all other cities in the world. With a little research on the Internet you surely will find something of your liking.

Note that Argentineans usually go out really late, and a lot of clubs are still empty around one o’clock. The only night that is an exception on this is Wednesday night, after office night. On this night, the people go to the club straight from their work and you can find the clubs completely packed and going crazy (taking it easy is not in an Argentinean phrasebook). The most famous option is Club Museo.

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