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The best travel apps for exploring cities

  There are endless travel-related apps for both Android and iOS that smartphone and tablet users can enjoy. However whilst most of them like to offer one-stop shop type solutions for your travel requirements, combining several different things under one ...
Tech reviews

My favourite travel gadgets

I’m a self confessed gadget geek and being a professional travel blogger too this means I have no end of excuses to load myself up with as many tech tools and life-enhancing gizmos as I can get my hands on. ...
Tech reviews

A review of the new Nokia Lumia 800

Nokia review by a travel blogger
Nokia’s latest smart phone to hit the market is the Nokia Lumia 800 with some great social networking features and camera too. All the tools a travel blogger needs. So we gave our trusted contributor Adela from the travel blog ...
Tech reviews

Panasonic camera review

Go Ape
Compact cameras have changed a lot in the last few years. Once they were simple point and shoot pocket cameras with pretty bad quality photos from their tiny lenses. These days compact cameras, especially Panasonic’s range of ruggedised cameras are ...