Lima: 4 places worth visiting

Limi is a true mega-city. The Peruvian capital boasts over 40 districts where the old fights against the new. The stately homes from colonial pasts give way to the glass and steel of modern living. Its truly a city of ...

Chile road trip advice

Tips for road trips in Chile
Chile is a beautiful country filled with such a diverse range of landscapes that there really is only one way to make the most of your time there. A road trip through Chile will take you to vistas you’ve never ...

5 best tours of Rio de Janeiro

5 best tours of Rio de Janeiro
Without doubt Rio de Janeiro is one of our favourite cities in the world. Its one of the most colourful, sun drenched and tourist friendly places on earth and somewhere we very much enjoyed visiting ourselves. There’s so much to ...

A short guide to São Paulo, Brazil

São Paulo See Metropolitan Cathedra
When you think of Brazil no doubt you instantly think of Rio De Janeiro but I’d highly recommend escaping the tourist traps and exploring more that Brazil has to offer. São Paulo is a city, indeed a region of Brazil that ...

Alternative places to visit in Brazil

Armacao beach in Florianopolis
Thanks to the World Cup the eyes of the world are on Brazil right now. Its long been a destination of choice for those wanting to explore South America. Its vast landscapes and passionate culture make it one of the ...

Get to and around the Brazil World Cup

Yup it’s that time of year again, or more accurately that time every 4 years when the world goes a little football crazy. Hopes and dreams are created, goals scored and a few tears shed when your team crash and ...

A short guide to the Galapagos

Short guide to Galapagos
The famous Galapagos Islands, situated some 1000km from the coast of Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean are haven for wildlife and adventure. A lure for many biologists, tourists and students too. You’ll find 19 islands here with 13 main islands ...

Highlights of Rio de Janeiro

What to see in Rio
Rio de Janeiro is one of the best city breaks in the world, a rhythm-filled, beach-side metropolis with a party vibe to rival Miami. With vast skyscrapers and samba beaches surrounded by lush green mountains and clear blue seas, it’s ...