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5 best things to do in Maine, USA

It may not be the first place you think of when planning a trip to the States, but Maine is one of America’s hidden gems. If you love the great outdoors you will love Maine. Renowned for its stunning scenery, ...

Places worth exploring in Harlem, NYC

While it may be too soon to give Harlem the title of being a completely neo renaissance neighbourhood, it is unquestionably developing in to one. Buoyed by a major influx of tourists, it holds bold traditions, diversity, and creativity. This ...

The Beach Bum Parade in Tybee, USA

I have to admit I’ve never given much thought to what a “beach bum” is, let alone what they do or, more’s the point, don’t do. The image they evoke in my mind is of a surfer dude, who spends ...

Advice for self guided tours of Iceland

***EXCLUSIVE***ICELAND - UNDATED: An aurora seen over the Grundarfjordur Harbor in Iceland.NEON green lights reflect in the freezing waters of southern Iceland in some of the clearest snaps of the aurora borealis ever taken. Media analyst Larry Gerbrandt, 60, captured the breathtaking naturally occurring phenomenon with state-of-the-art equipment last month. Larry, from San Juan Bautista, California, braved temperatures of minus 20 degrees and icy winds of up to 40 miles per hour during the expedition.PHOTOGRAPH BY Larry Gerbrandt / Barcroft USAUK Office, London.
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Iceland is one of the most uniquely beautiful places on the planet and with such a dramatic landscape its definitely a destination that warrants travelling at your own pace to take it all in. I’m a huge advocate of road ...

London Loves – My Guide

Contrary to myth, it’s unlikely you’ll bump into the Queen, nor is it compulsory to drop everything for a cup of afternoon tea. But as one of the world’s leading cities in diversity, a visit to London will have you ...

Top European city breaks

From ancient history to architecture, food to fashion, art galleries to green spaces – city breaks have so much to offer visitors. Many European cities offer a wealth of treasures and have the added bonus of being, on the whole, ...

A weekend in Asturias, Northern Spain – My Guide

In the North of Spain the beautiful province of Asturias is situated between Cantabria, Castile and León, and Galicia.  With around 200 miles of gorgeous coastline its also home to the first national park of Spain.  With warm comfortable summers and mild winters Asturias is ...
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Highlights in Seville

what to see in seville
The city of Seville is an historical place located in Andalusia, in the south of Spain. This city has plenty to offer, from delicious tapas by the river to historical monuments. Do not miss its famous Feria, a traditional event ...

Top tips for visiting Las Vegas

Few cities in the world offer such a promise of excitement and glamour as that of Las Vegas.  The city is renowned for its legendary lifestyle with casinos, cabaret and glittering hotels filling the horizon, and it’s no surprise that ...

The best resort towns to visit in Armenia

Armenia is a wonderful country situated just at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. Despite its small territories, it has so much to offer to its foreign guests: rich cultural heritage, a huge number of historical sights, picturesque mountainous landscapes, ...

Lima: 4 places worth visiting

Limi is a true mega-city. The Peruvian capital boasts over 40 districts where the old fights against the new. The stately homes from colonial pasts give way to the glass and steel of modern living. Its truly a city of ...