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Amazing hotels in Bali you will love

No matter if you love traveling with bag packs, or stay at a luxurious hotel – the amazing island of Bali can offer every type of traveler whatever he or she needs! And we are not exaggerating! Bali is really ...
Bali, Indonesia

Best times of year to visit Bali

Bali when to go
Bali, one small island in Indonesia, is loved by many tourists for sure. The unique culture, friendly people, low prices, and hot climate – all makes this small island a real paradise on Earth. But to experience Bali the most, ...

Reasons to visit Singapore in 2016

We have a real soft spot for Singapore, a place most people only travel through on their way from Europe to Australia or New Zealand, but there’s so much here to explore and things to do, I high recommend you take ...

My favourite places in England

We love our home country of England and we’re often asked what we’d recommend you do when travelling here. Its all too easy to fly in to London and think that ticking off the tourist boxes there constitutes a full British ...