Caribbean, Grenada

5 reasons to visit Grenada

Grenada might not be the best-known of the Caribbean islands, probably because it only spans around 132 square miles, but it offers a world of delights for visitors. Consisting of Grenada itself and six smaller islands which surround it, this ...
Aruba, Caribbean

Reasons to holiday in Aruba this year

Aruba dinner on the beach
Aruba consistently ranks highly in Caribbean holidays rankings, and with its luxuriant, palm-strewn beaches, chalky white sands and coral reefs electric with colour and life, it’s easy to understand why. Located in the southern Caribbean Sea, safely out of the ...

Best South Coast Restaurants in Barbados

Pisces restaurant Barbados
Are you exploring the possibility of visiting Barbados this year? Have you thought about everything that you want to do and see on your vacation? If not, it’s never to early to start planning your luxury getaway, and finding other ...

Five highlights of the Aruba Carnival

best festival in the caribbean
The Aruba Carnival is one of the longest running in the world, starting in mid-November and running until Ash Wednesday, which in 2014 is the 5th of March. At almost halfway through, there are still loads of things to enjoy ...

Sailing the Caribbean with Disney

where to go on a cruise
A cruise is not just for your typical sunburned couples celebrating their golden wedding anniversary, or children with a rubber ring round their tummies shooting down the water slide; cruises are becoming somewhat of a travel trend for the intrepid ...