Bordering both Europe and Asia, Turkey is a richly diverse cultural country where East meets West. Nestled along both the Meditteranean, Aegean and Black seas, Turkey covers 783,562 square kilometres with a population of over 75.6 million people. The country was once the heart of the Ottoman Empire and home to Troy, site of the classical story of the Trojan Horse. Must see destinations include Istanbul, Gallipoli and Cappadocia.


Where to go in 2015 – Dalaman in Turkey

gocek coastline
One of my favourite travel destinations of recent years has to be Turkey. When it comes to beautiful landscapes and rich colourful culture I feel Turkey is often overlooked for more central European destinations. It’s a shame as Turkey has ...

The quieter side of Turkey

temples in Turkey
Turkey is currently one of the best locations for Europeans seeking unadulterated good weather and beautiful surroundings. While there are many areas that have become inundated with samey resorts, Turkey has a wealth of incredible locations that make for unforgettable ...

Best seaside resorts in Turkey

Alanya castle
When you think of Turkey it’s all too easy to think of Istanbul straight away. With it’s famous mosques, grand bazaar and its cityscape spanning two continents, it’s easy to see why it’s such a magnet for tourists. If Istanbul ...

Mystical Journey to Istanbul

Where to visit in Istanbul
There’s no city on earth like Istanbul.  To experience its charm is to indulge in a traveller’s paradise. To wonder its labyrinth-like bazaars, soaking in the aromas whilst being dazzled by the colours is to experience an ancient city proud ...

A short guide to Bodrum, Turkey

Halicarnassus amphitheatre
Once the ancient city of Halicarnassus, Bodrum is where the ancient lands of Turkey meet the modern tourists. Where fragments of the past can be found around every corner and on every road. It’s also the place where the rich ...

A short guide to the Turkish Riviera

Dalyan Delta
Everyone has a list of places they’d love to visit. In Europe its often the obvious places like seeing the Eiffel tower in Paris, exploring the ancient Colosseum in Rome and sunbathing on Mediterranean islands like Ibiza or Majorca. One country that is ...