Visit your favourite movie sets in London

Do you know what is even better than watching original films in one of the world’s most sought-after locations? Being in the film. London offers a variety of tours which allow guests to explore some of the most famous film ...

A Winter Walk in Sunny Spain

prettiest village in spain
When the time comes for the harsh winter weather to make an appearance, we would all rather be somewhere wrapped in comfortable warmth. In fact, most of us dream of lying on golden sands, basking in the glorious Spanish sun ...

Family holiday ideas for Spain

Family holidays Barcelona
Spain is firmly in our top 5 destinations for 2014 and there’s one good reason, variety! Spain has pretty much all the types of holidays you could want, from activities to beaches, spas to city breaks, gorgeous landscapes, rich history ...

It’s All About the People

Think back to your last trip, do you remember the view of the city sky line or the famous church in blank country? You recall the feelings but do you remember the details? The conversations, the “wow” moments and the ...

Practical Paris Questions

best place to eat in Paris
There are several basic questions that any potential tourist asks himself about his prospective destination. There are many practical concerns, such as whether your native tongue will get you by or whether you will have to adapt and try to ...

Try these unusual London attractions

Tours in London
London is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, but if you’ve already visited many of the most popular sights it might be time to start delving a little deeper and trying something new. With so much happening in ...

Festival dei Popoli

where to go in Italy
If you are a lover of documentary films, and have a few days to spare at the beginning of December, why not pop over to Florence and experience the Festival Dei Popoli? This non-profit event has been held here since ...

The Lake District’s 5 Best Tourist Attractions

where to go in the Lake District
Need some help filling your Lake District travel itinerary? With hundreds of amazing hill walks, exciting adventure tours and great historical attractions, filling your Lake District itinerary can be difficult if you’re unfamiliar with the region. While there are hundreds ...

Discovering Montenegro

national parks in montenegro
It’s been a long time since former Yugoslavia was bothered by conflict. Enough time even for some parts to become very popular tourist destinations. Seriously – try walking through Dubrovnik without bumping into an Aussie backpacker. But Croatia, one of ...