Practical Paris Questions

best place to eat in Paris
There are several basic questions that any potential tourist asks himself about his prospective destination. There are many practical concerns, such as whether your native tongue will get you by or whether you will have to adapt and try to ...

Try these unusual London attractions

Tours in London
London is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, but if you’ve already visited many of the most popular sights it might be time to start delving a little deeper and trying something new. With so much happening in ...

Festival dei Popoli

where to go in Italy
If you are a lover of documentary films, and have a few days to spare at the beginning of December, why not pop over to Florence and experience the Festival Dei Popoli? This non-profit event has been held here since ...

The Lake District’s 5 Best Tourist Attractions

where to go in the Lake District
Need some help filling your Lake District travel itinerary? With hundreds of amazing hill walks, exciting adventure tours and great historical attractions, filling your Lake District itinerary can be difficult if you’re unfamiliar with the region. While there are hundreds ...

Discovering Montenegro

national parks in montenegro
It’s been a long time since former Yugoslavia was bothered by conflict. Enough time even for some parts to become very popular tourist destinations. Seriously – try walking through Dubrovnik without bumping into an Aussie backpacker. But Croatia, one of ...

A night at Hampton Court Palace

what to see in london
Have you ever wanted to spend the night at Hampton Court Palace? If so then pack a suitcase and head to Hampton Court, one of the most revered royal residences in the UK. You will be able to enjoy the palace ...
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Sheffield on the silver screen

where to stay in sheffield
Sheffield not only has a legendary music scene, a brilliant food festival and beautiful landscapes; it also has a number of claims to fame. It has featured in a blockbuster film, television programmes and music videos. So if you want ...

5 Top Spots to Party in Budapest

where to eat in Budapest
It would be considered a crime to visit another country and not experience the nightlife the same way that the locals do. Europe in general offers a great partying scene all round, and Budapest is no exception. So, if you’re ...

The 3 Best Road Trips in Italy

Amalfi Coast road trip ideas
When living in Europe, many citizens in the UK particularly take the continent for granted. For this reason, when planning a road trip, most Brits immediately think of planning a great American road trip. Although American undoubtedly has its charms, ...

A city break in Malaga, Spain

where to stay in malaga
Malaga is considered little more than an airport destination by many travellers; a gateway to the Costa del Sol, and maybe the birthplace of Pablo Picasso. But it is so much more! Take a short stroll around the pedestrianised town ...

A short guide to Zante Island in Greece

Navagio shipwreck beach
Zante,  also known as Zakynthos, is the southern most island in the Ionian Islands and is fast becoming the most popular of all the Greek islands.  It’s triangular shape helps give Zante three distinctive areas. To the north west is mountainous ...