Unusual things to see and do in Dublin

Ask any intrepid traveller and they’ll tell you Dublin is on their bucket list. This quintessentially Irish city is filled with cultural oddities and must-see sights. Most people are only in town for a short break, spending just a couple ...

My favourite cities in holland

Hague city
For most tourists, a trip to Holland generally only means one thing; a quick jaunt to Amsterdam, to party like mad for a few days. However, there is far more to this country than the many coffee shops which line ...

Norway’s Most Stunning Natural Wonders

Jostedalsbreen Glacier
With breathtaking landscapes, a rich Viking heritage, a mysteriously backward belief in woodland trolls, and the undisputable magic of the Aurora Borealis, Norway is a truly miraculous place. For dreamers, it’s a romantic world of outstanding natural beauty. For avid ...

My short guide to Copenhagen in Denmark

Little Mermaid statue
Old winding streets leading to world-class dining, palaces staring in the eyes of cutting-edge buildings and copper spires piercing the skies just like the designers goods through the market…Copenhagen is a city patched with both, cobbled squares and modern cafes. ...

A short travel guide to Rome, Italy

Cinecitta tours
Rome, the largest and most intriguing city in Italy, is home to some of the most captivating and historical sights in the world. This is a place where modern and old sit hand in hand, tempting tourists from across the globe. ...