Situated in Scandinavia in Northern Europe, Norway covers 385,186 square kilometres and has a population of just over 5 million people. Famed for its Norse myths and legends and for being the home of the Vikings, Norway is a popular destination because of its Fjords and its Arctic North. Popular destinations also include Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim.


Norway’s Most Stunning Natural Wonders

Jostedalsbreen Glacier
With breathtaking landscapes, a rich Viking heritage, a mysteriously backward belief in woodland trolls, and the undisputable magic of the Aurora Borealis, Norway is a truly miraculous place. For dreamers, it’s a romantic world of outstanding natural beauty. For avid ...
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Arctic Circle holiday ideas

Holiday cruise ideas in Alaska
For a holiday that offers something completely different, nowhere on earth offers that more than the Arctic Circle. With it’s unique landscape, cultural roots and amazing natural wonders, there’s everything you would possibly want from a holiday.  Here’s our guide ...

6 amazing places to visit in Norway

where to go in Norway Bergen
Norway is an awesome country to discover step by step. It changes a lot from one season to another; it enchants the winter traveler with its soft white atmosphere, its sweet winter tenderness that creates a cosy world with short dark ...