Located in Southern Europe, Italy stretches across 301,338 square kilometres and has a population of over 60.8 million people. Famous for its love of cookery and wine, Italy was once the centre of the Roman Empire and is the home of Roman Catholicism in the Vatican. Top tourist destinations include the cities of Rome, Venice and Milan, the sprawling landscape of Tuscany, the Amalfi Coast and the Italian Islands.


Four things to do in Rome this year

Rome is a city famous for its spectacular history, cultural delights and gastronomic delicacies, but there are many reasons why 2016 is the perfect year to head out there. No matter what your preference in entertainment, you’ll be sure to ...

A weekend holiday in Milan, Italy

Best places to visit in Milan
Although known as a fashion capitol, there’s more to Milan than just clothes. Look past the well-dressed exterior and you’ll find a personality rife with entertainment and culture. Come and explore this city, taking in sights you won’t find anywhere ...

Top 5 luxury villas in Sicily 

With its stunning coastal landscapes, historic cities, ancient ruins, delicious cuisine and tasty wines, Sicily is a magical island that offers plenty of things to do (see this travel guide). However, if you really want to have a unique experience in this Italian ...

A short travel guide to Rome, Italy

Cinecitta tours
Rome, the largest and most intriguing city in Italy, is home to some of the most captivating and historical sights in the world. This is a place where modern and old sit hand in hand, tempting tourists from across the globe. ...

Top 3 Hidden Gems Of Italy

what to see in Bologna
When the moon hits your eye like a great pizza pie, that’s amore. These immortal song lyrics aptly summarise the vibe of Italy. Chockfull of wonderful food, wine and cultural magnificence, Italy is a country that’s on every hopeful traveller’s ...

A Venetian Voyage

where to go in Venice
Like any good stage production, Venice too has all the key ingredients to keep audiences engaged.  There’s the intricate set comprised of 400 bridges, thousands of alleys, and myriad canals.  There’s the terrific background music of Vivaldi leaking out from ...

Italy’s Most Beautiful City: Florence

where to go in Florence, Italy
Florence was the top location that I had planned to visit in my trip to Italy. After reviewing my travel guide, I decided that the fame of the city as a birthplace of Renaissance attracted me and it was the ...

Festival dei Popoli

where to go in Italy
If you are a lover of documentary films, and have a few days to spare at the beginning of December, why not pop over to Florence and experience the Festival Dei Popoli? This non-profit event has been held here since ...

The 3 Best Road Trips in Italy

Amalfi Coast road trip ideas
When living in Europe, many citizens in the UK particularly take the continent for granted. For this reason, when planning a road trip, most Brits immediately think of planning a great American road trip. Although American undoubtedly has its charms, ...

My guide to Tivoli in Italy

Aniene River san gregorio da sassola
About twenty miles north-east of Rome, something happens to the landscape, and to the air. The intense heat and heaviness of the city, the busy, crowded buildings and the bustling crowds, all this seems to dissipate. Gone are the dusty ...

The Top Attractions of Florence

Florence travel advice
With streets filled with history and culture, Florence is among the finest cities in Europe – and it is regarded as the highlight of Tuscany. The nearby villas enable tourists to enjoy a tranquil rural stay, while still having all ...

A short break in Tuscany

Vineyards in Tuscany
Tuscany has the honour of being one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy and for a country filled with so many must-see destinations, that’s some claim to fame. It’s easy to see why it is so popular though ...

5 top things to see in Tuscany

where to go in florence il duomo
Tuscany, the word alone makes you smell the olive branches and feel the warm sun on your skin. This region in Italy is where you go to truly lose yourself in relaxation and escape to a renaissance dream. Looking at ...