Thanks to its Ancient history, Greece is the birthplace of democracy, the Olympic Games and Western philosophy and of course many myths and legends. Just under 11 million people live on almost 132, 000 square kilometres and within this, there are 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Must see destinations include the capital city, Athens, Mount Olympus and the Greek Islands including Kos and Crete.


Our family holiday in Crete with Olympic Holidays

Royal Mare Resort in Crete
We’ve been incredibly busy recently and when that happens its always family time that suffers. So when Olympic Holidays offered us the opportunity to experience their Greek island holiday deals we jumped the chance. Finally some quality time to spend as a ...

A short guide to Zante Island in Greece

Navagio shipwreck beach
Zante,  also known as Zakynthos, is the southern most island in the Ionian Islands and is fast becoming the most popular of all the Greek islands.  It’s triangular shape helps give Zante three distinctive areas. To the north west is mountainous ...

Learning to sail in Kos, Greece

Learn sailing in Greece
We sent our trusted blogger Chris Watts to check out the latest activity holidays from Mark Warner in Kos, Greece. You can read Part one of his adventure here. Part 2 – Sailing and Big Dave I coped adequately on ...