France’s capital Paris is arguably one of the most famous cities in the world with its iconic landmarks including the Eiffel Tower, the Arc du Triomphe and the Palace of Versailles. Covering 674,843 square kilometres, France is the largest country in Western Europe with a population of over 65.3 million. Famed for its fine dining, top destinations include the luxurious South of France, the cities of Lyon and Marseilles and the beaches of Normandy.


Six Beautiful Chateaus to Rent in Dordogne 

If you’ve ever looked into renting a property in Dordogne, France, you’ve probably seen the term “chateau” crop up again and again. But what is a chateau and why is it considered the crème de la crème of French property? ...

Yelloh! Village Le Ridin

Camping might not be the first thing we think of when planning a holiday in France. But maybe it should be. Why tread those same worn paths of holidays past? Most of us work at the same place five days ...

Taking A Fashion Tour Of Paris

As one of the world’s centres of fashion, there’s a lot to offer fashion fans in Paris and lots of tourists enjoy it. With such a large and strong fashion industry,particularly for wedding dresses and designer dresses, fashion in the French ...

Nice – Gateway to the Alpes-Maritimes

where to go in Alpes-Maritimes
At the start of the Alps mountain range, which stretches between France, Switzerland, and Italy, lays what we at believe is one of the most beautiful Alpine areas of all, wholly in France, and on the edge of the ...

Romantic Places to visit in Paris

Wall of I Love Yous
The culture of Paris is deeply filled with the celebrations of love. Lovers unite in this beautiful city of art to show how affectionate they are to their mates. Having the opportunity to propose to your partner or to take ...

Public Gardens and Parks in Paris

Parks in Paris, France
When we hear the word ‘Paris’ we immediately think of elegant splendour and breath-taking scenery, that is unique to the history and culture that creates the rich tapestry of this popular holiday destination. What is more, it is usually the ...

Planning a ski trip in the French Alps

Where to ski in the French Alps
With stunning views and the best ski slopes in Europe, the Alps are always a thrilling place to visit. They are the perfect place to enjoy the brilliance of the summer sun while enjoying your favourite winter sports. If you’re ...

Experience Cannes In Style 

Jet Hire Charter A
I hate to say it but unfortunately most of us are not invited to the world famous Cannes Film Festival. For film buffs and aspirational producers, this may be a difficult thing to digest! Instead of moping around worrying about ...

Three reasons to summer in Biarritz, France

best surfing in Europe
If you looking for a destination for your summer holidays, why not consider Biarritz on the South West coast of France? This was once a glamorous destination for the world’s heads of state and celebrities in years gone past. While ...

Free things to do in Paris, France

Tour de France
When you take a trip to Paris, you’re bound to spend a fair bit of cash while you’re there. Accommodation, travel and eating and drinking all add up quickly. But if you know where to go, there are plenty of ...