Nestled in the north of Europe, Finland stretches across 338,000 square kilometres and is home to 5.4 million people. This Scandinavian country is filled with myths and legends, most famously being noted as the home of Santa Claus. Popular tourist destinations include its capital Helskini and the Arctic North of the country which is fantastic for spotting the Northern Lights.


The best tourist activities in Lapland 

What to see in Lapland
Once the travelling bug bites you, it’s incredibly difficult to cure. Visiting new countries, discovering different cultures, mixing it with the locals and participating in some awe-inspiring experiences – we travellers live for that! Even so, there might come a ...

A beginners guide to skiing in Lapland

Christmas Ski holidays
As a rule of thumb, the best places to go skiing tend to be in the northern hemisphere. The weather’s colder, the air tends to be a little crisper and there are several iconic mountain ranges such as the Alps ...