Famous for it’s Royal Family, its many historical sites and of its love of Tea, England sits within the United Kingdom covering 130,395 square kilometres. Home to a population of over 53 million, it’s most popular destination is the capital city, London which is home to famous sites including Buckingham Palace, The Tower of London and the Houses of Parliament. Top destinations across the country include The Lake District, Ancient Stonehenge and the historic city of York.


How To Get Directly to London

London is one of the major capital cities in the world and millions of tourists flock to the city every year to experience its nightlife, shopping opportunities and historical monuments. If you’re flying in from elsewhere in the world, Heathrow ...

How to do London on a Budget

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A Little Bit of Italy in London

What to do in london in Winter
For centuries London has been a popular city for people from all over the world to settle and at the current count there are over 200,000 Italian nationals registered as residents in London.  We know from historical records however that ...

A short break guide to Birmingham, England

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Slowing down and unwinding with your S.O. is sometimes the only medicine you need, and it’s often just the perfect soul-nurturer: a source of that all-important TLC we crave so much during busy or stressful times of the year. You ...

My favourite places in England

We love our home country of England and we’re often asked what we’d recommend you do when travelling here. Its all too easy to fly in to London and think that ticking off the tourist boxes there constitutes a full British ...

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The Top 5 Indian Restaurants in Gloucester

best indian restaurants in gloucester
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