This Scandinavian country sits in Northern Europe, covers 42,900 square kilometres and has a population of 5.58 million people. Denmark is famous for being the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen, the setting for Shakespeare’s Hamlet and home of probably the best beer in the World, Carlsberg. Must see places include the capital, Copenhagen, the original Legoland in Billund and the Oresund Bridge which connects Denmark to Sweden.


My short guide to Copenhagen in Denmark

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Old winding streets leading to world-class dining, palaces staring in the eyes of cutting-edge buildings and copper spires piercing the skies just like the designers goods through the market…Copenhagen is a city patched with both, cobbled squares and modern cafes. ...

A short break in Copenhagen

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The city of Copenhagen in Denmark is a perfect short break destination with amazing architecture, old and new, it's history stretching right back to the Vikings and it's compact centre. If you're in Copenhagen for a few short days you'll want to maximise your time. Here's our advice to help you make the most of this beautiful Danish city.
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What is a boutique hotel?

The "boutique hotel" label seems to be everywhere at the moment. What exactly defines a boutique hotel is some what vague. Well styled surroundings, great facilities? High quality food? You'd expect most (if not all) of these things from any hotel you stay in. We check out one Boutique hotel in Copenhagen to find out just what defines it.