Saigon from the back of a motorbike

Traffic on Nam Ky Khoi Nghia
Saigon has an official population of around 7.5 million, though true estimates take that figure up to around 11 million. The statistic that really got me thinking, though, was that there are 3.4 million motorbikes. It seems impossible to believe, ...
South Korea

5 Things to do on Geoje Island, Korea

Oedo Island
1. Hike Mt. Daegumsan Being a country that’s 70% mountains, hiking is a pretty popular thing to do in Korea in general, but in my opinon, the hikes in Geoje are much more interesting. Hiking Mt. Daegumsan was especially interesting ...

Exploring the culture of the Maldives

what to see in the maldives
When you arrive in the tropical paradise of the Maldives, it looks like everything has been set up just for you. As anyone who has ever been greeted by women in grass skirts in Hawaii knows, this can be quite ...

Travelling to Bali

where to go in bali
Bali is a small island and you could drive around the whole coast in a day. However, there are still a great variety of adventures to be had. You can explore the bustling markets of Kuta and the rich culture ...

5 highlights of Kuala Lumpur

Petronas Towers in KL
A trip to Kuala Lumpur at the end of last year revealed different sides to a city that I’d read much about. Although some of the major tourist attractions like Chinatown and Little India did little to excite me, there ...