What to see in Goa, India

Swaying palm trees, white sand beaches, and glittering ocean waves – these are just a few of beautiful things that await you in Goa. Originally established as a Portuguese colonial outpost on India’s western shore, this small but thriving state ...
Asia, Bali, Malaysia, Thailand

Honeymoon hot spots in South East Asia

The exotic hot spots of South East Asia are becoming increasingly popular with newlyweds seeking a fresh and unique honeymoon experience. Bali, Malaysia and Thailand are particularly attractive honeymoon destinations because of their culturally rich tourist attractions, their stunning beaches ...

24hrs in Mumbai

India holidays are a bedlam of noise, crowds and brightly coloured sarongs weaving through traffic while the scents of spices, curry and kachori waft through the air. Being such a big country and with so much to experience, it is ...

5 Must Try Foods in Lhasa, Tibet

Momos tibetan dumplings
Visiting Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet, can be your dream come true if you are a food lover.  Although Tibet is considered by China as one of its provinces, the food is truly unique and differs a lot from ...

A guide to seeing a Chinese Opera in Beijing

Dancing. Singing. Martial arts. Pantomime. Acrobatics. No, it’s not the latest Hollywood blockbuster hitting a movie screen near you. It’s actually Beijing opera (also known as Peking opera), a traditional art form that’s now considered to be one of China’s ...

Running the Tokyo Marathon in Japan

Mount Fuji
Tokyo is huge – fact! Each one of Tokyo’s suburbs could easily be classed as a city in its own right; the only way to describe Tokyo would be a “megacity“. If you have read my previous post you will ...

Bangalore: From Garden City to Silicon Valley

A travel guide to Bangalore
Bangalore is the third-largest city in India and was voted as “the most liveable” by to a global survey of cities conducted by Mercer. It was once called “the garden city” because of its many green spaces. Now, it has become ...

Rising early for Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji Fish Market in tokyo
Parts of Tokyo are still winding down when the Tsukiji Fish Market opens. With the neon lights of Akihabara and Ginza shining bright, overall-clad workmen start hauling trolleys around and organising the morning’s catch. The seafood is too fresh to ...

An Insiders Guide to Bali

Bali really is the perfect place for holidaymakers looking to escape the daily grind and mundane 9 to 5 of office life. The island is a great tropical getaway and caters for people of all age groups and interests. Yet ...
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Things to do in Dubai – Our top 5

Best place for shopping in Dubai
Having travelled to Dubai three times it amazes me that there is always something new to do, see or explore!As there's so much to choose from, here are my top picks of the things not to miss. And the good news is, if you're only here for a long weekend you can (could definitely) fit all five in!