Famed for its spirituality, cuisine and culture, India has been inspiring and impressing people for centuries. Home to over 1.2 billion people, this vast country spreads across over 3 million square kilometres of South Asia. Must see destinations include the iconic Taj Mahal and the Golden Temple, the cities of Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore and the beautiful beaches of Goa.


Reasons to Visit Rajasthan in India

India is a brilliant mosaic of the exotic, romantic, mysterious, burnished throughout its 6,000 years of history and tempered by a collage of cultures. And like a mosaic, any image of India is designed with color: from sari and pallau ...

Around India in 17 Days

India is huge, and it is filled with history, art and spirituality and the architectural elements of all three. We had two and a half weeks, and so plotted out our itinerary with precision, aided by the convenience of air ...

Top 5 Beaches in India

Mehul Antani
The combination of the sun, sand and the sea is undoubtedly the best that you can think of while planning a trip! What spells more like relaxation, fun and enjoyment? Well, of course a beach! When you are completely drained ...

5 Best National Parks in India for Safaris

Ranthambore National Park
The vast enchanting geographical regions of India are sprinkled with numerous national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. The magnetising beauty of the verdant landscapes, exotic flora and fauna captivates the attention of wildlife fanatics and nature lovers from different parts of ...

Why go to Goa?

Goa holiday travel guide
For decades Goa is a destination that signifies exotic holidays, spiritual awakening and freedom of travel. Pretty much the 3 reasons we all love to travel the world. So what brings so many people back to this Indian paradise each ...

A guide to working holidays in India

Getting a job in India
India is seen as a popular backpacking destination, somewhere to relax and get away from the stresses of work and everyday life. However, there is an alternative way to explore India and that’s by taking a working trip to the ...

What to see in Goa, India

Swaying palm trees, white sand beaches, and glittering ocean waves – these are just a few of beautiful things that await you in Goa. Originally established as a Portuguese colonial outpost on India’s western shore, this small but thriving state ...

24hrs in Mumbai

India holidays are a bedlam of noise, crowds and brightly coloured sarongs weaving through traffic while the scents of spices, curry and kachori waft through the air. Being such a big country and with so much to experience, it is ...

Bangalore: From Garden City to Silicon Valley

A travel guide to Bangalore
Bangalore is the third-largest city in India and was voted as “the most liveable” by to a global survey of cities conducted by Mercer. It was once called “the garden city” because of its many green spaces. Now, it has become ...

Tips on getting around in India

best places to go in india
It can be a bit of a culture shock arriving in India, especially if you’ve flown in from a place like London or New York.  The heat and mugginess and general chaos of an airport like Bombay can hit you ...

A guide to the National Parks in India

India is enumerated among the most giant countries of the globe by geographical area which has one of the richest and the most picturesque wildlife. India`s wildlife richness can be encountered in almost all the divisions of the country and ...

What to see on an Indian safari

where to go in india
India is a safari lover’s dream. The opportunity to see a vast number of animals, including Tigers, Leopard, Elephants and a huge variety of birdlife in their natural habitat is not to be missed. Bandhavgarh National Park Situated in the ...